I Get Mail – No… we aren’t a religion

So getting back into the swing of things with a nice little “I Get Mail” session.

This one is from someone who claims to be an “Atheist Priest/Pastor” and I assume is either a joke or someone pretending to be one.

Pretending to be one “badly”.

Behold. Atheism is a religion.

I can’t take you seriously when you use the word “Behold”. When someone says “Behold!” it better be followed by “My Supermutants/Death Ray/Ginormous Penis” and to which I would respond with “Oh Yeah?”

Proof:A religion is a set of laws, like the bible has the 10 commandments, Islam and Judaism has its laws.

No. A religion is a belief in a god. The remainder of the rules are just window dressing.

Laws of atheism:1. There is no god. 2. Anyone who believes in a god is stupid/dumb.3. Science is the answer 4. Mr. Dawkins, Ron Hubbard and Charles Darwin are the “three wise men” of the RELIGION of ATHEISM.5. There is no bigotry of a persons sexual orientation.and lots more…

Hardly… There are no gods and that’s it. Everything else is just extrapolation from that premise.

1. There are no gods.

2. The people who believe in gods are not stupid but believe in something not real.

3. Science is just the best way of explaining how the world works

4. L. Ron Hubbard isn’t an atheist nor is he considered a “wise man” of Atheism. Darwin is widely considered to be incorrect in the way his idea of evolution occurred.

5. Bigotry does exist within atheism. There are racist atheists out there, there are homophobic ones and there are ones who are sexist too. However a lot of atheists also have progressive values that are anti-discriminatory.

A religion requires faith.Atheism has an absolute faith that there is no god, heaven or hell. 

Not really. Atheism is primarily based on an absence of evidence for a god or heaven or hell. In much the same way that we don’t believe in ghosts or vampires.

A religion requires devoutness.A devout atheist believes in his/her religion of atheism and will therefore not mix with “UNBELIEVERS”, such as religiots. Nor believe their drivel or be convinced by it.

I have friends who believe in religions and I do work with people who believe in things. You are confusing atheism with being a dick.

Also the true “RELIGIOUS ATHEIST” has no fear of the fire of hell. What a relief. No braai when we die.

Any more than the Christian fears the whips of Naraka.

A “Religion” has either a god/diety or prophet or both that started it.And for the all mighty atheist faith it was Mr. Dawkins.The prophet. But no god (notice no capital “g”) required in this religion.

I didn’t come from the same religious background as most western atheists and indeed never really believed in Jehovah, Allah or Yahweh or what have you. I was “always a Abrahamic Faith Atheist”. Dawkins had a relatively small influence on me since I don’t come from the same source of atheism. My atheism was a product of violence and murder and the response of a child to the tragedy of Ayodhya. Where grown men killed each other over a doll.

Dawkins didn’t come from that. No gods, not even among men.

And finally we don’t have to blow ourselves up to get to a nonexistent paradise above.We don’t have to whip ourselves and repent.

We don’t whip ourselves. But we do things similar to that. We push ourselves to be the best we can be and often that requires sacrifice.

By the way, us atheists get baptized every day when we have a bath or a shower. So we don’t need to be baptized, cause every day we do it. So our “nonexistent sins” are washed away.

Meh, that’s your point? The symoblism behind baptism is poignant but that’s really it.

BELIEVE IN THE “RELIGION OF ATHEISM”. Repent from “theism” and be baptized.

No… I don’t think atheism is a religion anymore than not playing football is a sport.

This just reads like a parody of what people think Atheists are like.


  1. CaitieCat says

    Flat-out projection, a solipsistic fallacy: these things are true for me, ego* they are true for everyone, including atheists, whom I will now shove into the ontology I have constructed based on my own beliefs, whether this makes any sense or not.

    * Pun intended.

  2. says

    That’s not even bafflegab.

    It would be nice if you could sit down and calmly explain things to a person like this — but they’re so smugly self-assured that they’ve just “put you in your place” that it’ll never happen.

    He/she probably isn’t even following this thread.

    FWIW: I’m quite sure I became an atheist at about age 8, during a Sunday school class where the nice lady told us a story about a BIG boat and all the animals on the planet. I said (to myself): “No way that happened.” Instant atheist.

    So, don’t blame Darwin, Dawkins, or any other “D” person for my atheism. Blame Mrs. Whatshername (I’ve quite forgotten her name — but not the floral print dress she wore). And the absolutely inane myths of the bible.

    Seriously? A talking snake? A magic garden? IQ raising sin fruit? Who the hell over the age of 6 believes in THAT? Even as “metaphor”?

  3. Psychopomp Gecko says


    Once I unleash my mutant giant ducks from Mars of an alternate universe, we will finally be able to…uh…what the heck is it we do that would require giant ducks? Swallow Ten Commandment monuments on land paid for by taxpayer of all religions? No, would have been better to get a hold of Mega Robo Swallows for that. I suppose we could always send them after people that ignorant or dishonest enough to claim atheism is a religion, but that’s hardly a grandiose gesture.

    It’s almost as if there’s no belief system of atheism that could be imposed by the unleashing of mutant giant ducks.

  4. kraut says

    I have read a lot about religious folks equating religion and atheism…but none as idiotic as that one. I wonder someone with a fucked up brain like that is even able to breathe long enough to write such stupidities.

    OTOH- why do you even publish that nonsense? To get a rise out of a clearly deluded moron?
    wasting our time to read something expecting maybe some insights? No – that is a blindside of stupidity and a waste of blog space – be glad it is free and you don’t have to pay by the word to post this rubbish.

  5. says

    @4: You’d be surprised at how common this line of thinking is. I’d rather be familiar with it — and discuss the obvious flaws — than have someone who might be new to this whole thing get blindsided by stuff like this.

    It’s not for you nor me or him/her. It’s for the new gnu. Or the fence-sitter. Or the genuinely curious.

    Of course, it could also just to be snarky. I laughed at some of the stuff because it was so bad.

    Nothing wrong with snark.

  6. Beth says

    A religion is a belief in a god. The remainder of the rules are just window dressing.

    While you are correct that atheism is NOT a religion, your definition of religion is not accurate. Belief in god is not synonymous with religion. Some religions do not hold that god exists (Scientology for example) and some people who do believe in god don’t belong to any religion.

  7. says

    Also atheism is not the proposition that there are no gods its just a rejection of the claim that there is a god or gods. So “1. There are no gods” isn’t atheism but gnostic atheism. I must admit for a shorthand though it seems as silly to acknowledge there are theoretical possibilities that god defined as X, Y or Z could logically exist in the same way as an invisible unicorn *could* exist. If framed as one that does not interact with the world and only if you believe in it absolutely will you experience it.

    BTW having fun looking up all the different “hells” in Naraka, as a veggie I particularly like the one where you are cooked in oil for as many years as the hairs on the animals you ate.

  8. natashatasha says

    No. A religion is a belief in a god. The remainder of the rules are just window dressing.

    So according to you, anything currently classed as a religion that lacks a deity (‘atheistic religions’) is not actually a religion? Animism, ancestor worship etc. do not count? This seems an overly-strict definition of religion, and excludes a great many tribal faiths in a way that seems like Indo-European or Eurasian centrism.

    While I don’t go so far as Beth as to decry your definition as inaccurate, I do think it’s unfair and needlessly strict.

  9. Tsu Dho Nimh says

    nd for the all mighty atheist faith it was Mr. Dawkins.

    there were no atheists before Dawkins?

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