So many of you may have realised why I wasn’t posting so heavily.

The truth is that I was on holiday and I found it hard to be mad about things when everything was soft and comfortable. I could get angry or I could go out for dinner.

I also found I had less time to write because I had stuff to do. I could go out for dinner, spend time with my family and time with Tiga.

And I had a lot of fun. And I owe a special thanks to everyone who donated to help get me back home on a quicker flight and who helped me replace my laptop. And all that time was worth it to spend with family and TIga.

And a special shout out goes to Daniel Bruvoli who travelled from freaking Norway to see me. I was absolutely astonished that people consider what I write to be of any importance and was astonished by this man’s generosity and kindness and willingness to travel so far to dreary Manchester to sit in a pub with us. I just wish I could have taken him around to more things than just a simple pub.

I got till February 2014 before I next go home. Until then? Service will resume as normal.


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