Atheism is Dead, Long Live Religion

Let’s face it. Atheism isn’t classy any more. Gone are the witty people and instead you fuckers are stuck with people like me who swear and spell things incorrectly.

I read this article through the Catholic Herald’s link on it.

Apparently we aren’t what we used to be. We haven’t replace the titans of “atheist thought”. We don’t have a “modern day Nietzsche”. We lack the great thinkers that were household names. That our once “mighty” stable of intellectual debaters has been replaced by what can only be described with the euphemism of “Maths Debaters”. That the god-bashers du jour have nothing of significance to say about life.

How do we determine our morality? Did we make it? Is it intrinsic?

After all, either there is an intrinsic “truth” to the way we live our lives or we impose our order and rules on “nature” to civilise it. [Read more…]

Is Bradley a Humanist?

I am in two minds about Bradley Manning and indeed the whole issue about “Wikileaks”.

Julian Assange aside, there is nothing wrong with what Wikileaks has done. The problem lies with Bradley Manning. He is alleged to have released classified data to the public. Now without context we need to realise that Bradley Manning is effectively guilty of treason. He effectively released “state secrets”.

In the past he would have been summarily shot by his own men. But now we have to realise what he did in context. [Read more…]

I Get Male – Beta Blocker

I have generally stayed out of the whole anti-FTB malarky unless it lands on my door. For those who are unaware? There are a sizeable group of people on Reddit and a forum called the Slymepit who actively dislike pretty much anything Freethought Blogs does.

On Reddit this manifests as “guaranteed downvotes” to any posts that are hosted here.

This has manifest in some very bizarre posts. I had my “Stand on the street and provide healthcare for protesters during the Indian Rape Riot” reports downvoted into oblivion. Just a few days ago Rock Beyond Belief had a post about why DOMA needs to be repealed and what it meant to a soldier with a same sex partner who served. Also down voted.

Why? Well either r/atheism’s “protest” by down voting blog content is so “principled” that it is willing to stick to the notion that blog posts are less important than memes even when down voting actual useful content from people such as Rock Beyond Belief or it just doesn’t like the platform.

TIme and time again I have been told that I only blog for the money (All $1.5 to $2 a day) or that I am some sort of feminazi ruining atheism by my actions (If anything I would have thought people would be happy to have me represent atheism).

And so with that we come to some hate mail. [Read more…]

A Voice for Me – Now Sinking to a New Low

I got this on a link from someone who was also disgusted by this. (Some names have been changed to protect people)

I “know” an accidental paedophile. We met a lovely lady in a nightclub. My friend pulled that night and went out with her for a couple of weeks. She “looked young compared to him” but she said she was my age. I had suffered an accident recently and looked like death warmed over so I was in a poor state to judge appearances. [Read more…]

Pathological Hate

At the moment there is a trial going on in Ireland. Joe Hefferman is alleged to have murdered Eoin Ryan.

Because Eoin was gay.

The motive for killing a gay student in Clare two years ago was the issue of homosexuality, according to a Central Criminal Court prosecutor.

“He made a pass at me and I’m no queer. He’s the devil,” the accused had said.

As Mr Heffernan told a doctor in the Central Mental Hospital.

“I think he was a gay. He made a pass at me and I kind of went along with it,” he said, adding that he was embarrassed.

Mr Heffernan said the devil was in Mr Ryan’s eyes and noted that Ryan’s eyes were badly damaged by the attack. The killing may not have been rational, but here is the problem.

A psychiatrist examined him and believed Mr. Hefferman suffers from a psychotic state. While this is uncertain, this begs and  important question.

How would you differentiate between religious intolerance to homosexuals and the attack on them caused by a psychotic state?

It’s a difficult case. Heffeman did turn himself in for the murder but is he guilty of murder or manslaughter via diminished responsiblity of the mind?

I hope stories like this become rarer.