Hags of Lag – *Thunderfoot doesn’t get Regressive Crap II – Electric Boogaloo

Well he is at it again!

I have been sat on this for a while because stuff kept happening that required me to run around and be busy. I just attended an all day medical conference (on Breast Cancer and Reconstruction) and figured I need to unwind a bit. (I do have a post about my conference and it is indeed “something for the men”, but today is about the ladies).

So Thunderfoot had my curiosity, and now he has my attention.

It also helps that I have a laptop now.

So let’s see what’s up this time. [Read more…]


I got to watch the new Star Trek movie in a rather “romantic” date with Tiga and something caught my eye. I was not aware that Bernard Cumberbatch was set to play Khan Noonien Singh. I didn’t really notice this till my brother wondered why the “White Guy Was Called Khan”. [Read more…]

A Voice for Me – Judgy Bitch 2 – Electric Blogaloo

Judgy Bitch came to my attention for her frankly lunatic take on a rape trial in the USA where she proceeded to blame the victim of rape as someone trying to gain social approval by “shagging high value males”. Not the reality where the girl was raped precisely because she TURNED DOWN the advances of football players (American). The entire Steubenville rape read like the very epitome of “bullshit” without having to listen to people like “Judgy Bitch”.

So what’s got her knickers in a twist? Well? The backlash against the sudden “outing” of paedophiles in broadcasting.  [Read more…]

Violence and Istanbul

Forty Six people were killed on Friday in Southern Turkey when two car bombs were detonated.

It’s believed to be violence from Syria spilling over. And Turkey has squarely pointed the blame at Pro-Assad elements trying to “drag Turkey into the war”. It’s a sad event but hopefully International pressure can stop the spread of violence from Syria and even bring peace to Damascus.


I haven’t been blogging as prolifically as normal because I am in Manchester and “I got to go get wasted”.

I am meeting Tiga tonight after ages so fingers crossed. I will have photos up.

I intend to meet Ally (our new blogger) Fogg and sit around be all British. We will discuss Dr. Who and The Queen. I also intend to meet the few mancunian readers that I do have. I will be blogging just at a lot lower pace than my normal rate. [Read more…]