Violence and Istanbul

Forty Six people were killed on Friday in Southern Turkey when two car bombs were detonated.

It’s believed to be violence from Syria spilling over. And Turkey has squarely pointed the blame at Pro-Assad elements trying to “drag Turkey into the war”. It’s a sad event but hopefully International pressure can stop the spread of violence from Syria and even bring peace to Damascus.


  1. slc1 says

    I am afraid that Avicenna is living in a dream world. The only way to a soft landing in Syria is for the West to somehow force the Assad kleptocracy from office and to insert a large peacekeeping force to prevent a bloodbath. The current situation has progressed past the point of a negotiated settlement.

  2. Marcelo says

    Assad kleptocracy? Yes, yes, yes… And Saddam was bad and Kadhafy was a dictator.

    Is that the level of politics analysis in the USA?

    Thing is that Assad troups are winning the war against Al Qaeda + USA + Israel + Saudi Arabia + Qatar and these are trying to get some excuses to act as miserably as they do in Libia.

    Assad kleptocracy has nothing to do with this. USA + NATO are killing countries where they find resistences. The rest of the kings or dictators don’t count if they don’t get into the imperial path.

    (I’m not an English native speaker)

  3. slc1 says

    Re Marcelo @ #2

    Actually, the US and Israel have been tacitly supporting the Assad kleptocracy for nearly 40 years because the Syrian government, under the Alawite control, kept a low profile relative to the Golan Highths. Now that the atrocities committed by Assad fils, which greatly exceed the atrocities committed by Assad pere in Hama in 1982, have become too egregious to ignore, the US contemplates how to remove Assad fils from power and at the same time prevent the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood or worse, an Islamist government. As they say, rots of ruck.

    The US and Israel didn’t say boo about the murder of 20,000+ inhabitants of Hama in 1982, perhaps even envious of Assad pere’s success against Islamists there, and, until recently, didn’t say boo about the mass murder committed by Assad fils and his minions.

    Of course, Marcelo fails to inform us about the support Assad fils receives from the mad Mullahs who currently misgovern Iran or the Hizbollah terrorists in Lebanon who now supply a significant portion of the boots on the ground for the Syrian Government.

  4. Marcelo says

    sic1 seems to believe that US is a good influence in Siria.

    “Mad” Mullahs who “misgovern”. Hizbollah “terrorists”. What do you see? Fox News? CNN?

  5. slc1 says

    Re Marcelo @ #4

    What do you see? Fox News? CNN?

    Marcelo apparently gets his news from such entities as Stormfront, Mondoweiss, and Counterpunch.

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