I haven’t been blogging as prolifically as normal because I am in Manchester and “I got to go get wasted”.

I am meeting Tiga tonight after ages so fingers crossed. I will have photos up.

I intend to meet Ally (our new blogger) Fogg and sit around be all British. We will discuss Dr. Who and The Queen. I also intend to meet the few mancunian readers that I do have. I will be blogging just at a lot lower pace than my normal rate.

It’s good to be back. The rain and the chill have replaced the sun in my veins. It’s amusing to all who are amazed that I yearn for the grey and wet cold of Manchester rather than the blazing sun of India.

First Beer tonight too. You have no idea how long I have waited for a day like this.

Sorry! No angry posts but I should start dedicating time to some writing shortly.


  1. says

    Cool have fun, only just started reading Ally Foggs blog here but I’d like to hear some of that conversation!

  2. TGAP Dad says

    All I know of Manchester I learned from the documentary series Shameless.
    I don’t get out much.

  3. says

    Please get in touch Avicenna. I wouild like to meet you. There are also skpetics and humanist events going on you might be interested in visiting


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