Phone Blogging – WTF White House Security!

If you haven’t read it already, I suggest reading Seema Jilani’s piece about how the White House treated her and how she felt it was racist.

I think it’s pretty racist… Just “saying”. I mean we can blame Obama or you know blame the real problem. I am sure the security isn’t “racist”. They are probably not even aware of what they did.

But it hurts just the same. If not more.

You see, it’s easy to deal with the racism from the idiot sitting in the wood engaging in racist LARP. We can call him an idiot and point and laugh (or point and demand he take you to all the White Women. I guarantee you nothing trolls white supremacists/nationalists/priders than that). But the real danger is the person who doesn’t even realise they are being racist because that’s the sort of person who does the most damage in society.

When I asked why the security representatives offered to personally escort white women without tickets downstairs while they watched me flounder, why they threatened to call the Secret Service on me, I was told, “We have to be extra careful with you all after the Boston bombings.”

And all I want to say is this.

Hey idiot. The Boston Bombers couldn’t possibly be more Caucasian considering they were from the Caucasus Mountain region.

Shaking with rage, I said, “We are all human beings and I only ask that you give me the same respect you give others. All I am asking is to be treating with a dignity and humanity. What you did is wrong.” They stared straight ahead, arms crossed, and refused to even look at me. Up came the cruel, xenophobic, soundproof wall that I had seen in the eyes of so many after 9/11. Their eyes, flecked with disdain and hatred, looked through me.

This is something many of us have faced at one point or another. After a while it just became easier to walk away. I don’t think I should do that anymore either.

The next affront came quickly thereafter. “You were here last year, weren’t you? You caused trouble here last year too. I know you,” they claimed, accusing me of being a party-crasher. Completely confused, I explained that this was my first time here and that I had no idea what he was referencing. Clearly, he had assumed all brown people look the same and had confused me for someone else.

Always a good laugh when that happens. I had that done to me with regards to The Amazing Meeting where slymepitters gloated at me not being able to go this year. Never mind the fact that I have never been. People “forget” and often treat us as if we are invisible. And part of the reason we wish to be invisible is that the alternative is being visible and that’s just as bad. (See above)

I will cover it in more detail. But for now… MAD!


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  2. embertine says


    I like it. Anyway, onto the topic: it is pretty depressing that this is still happening. Particularly with the blurtings of “oh but they weren’t really white people, because real white people speak English and play baseball and eat mom’s apple pie for breakfast, so we’re totally justified in continuing to hate brown people, so there” that have come from some right-wing mouthpieces.

    I wonder if they ever, ever stop and think that that is a dumb thing to say about ACTUAL FREAKING CAUCASIANS FROM THE ACTUAL FREAKING CAUCASUS. I’m going to assume they don’t. Thinking not a strong point among such people, I suspect.

  3. coragyps says

    The Caucasus is over there in Czechoslovakia, y’know.

    Most Americans will agree with the above. And will know who got kicked off “Dancing with the Stars.”

  4. Pen says

    It’s a particularly common and hard form of racism to tackle which involves people systematically going beyond the call of duty for white people and not for others. What, the rules require a ticket? No problem if you’re white, too bad if you’re not! It’s an unpleasant incident but there’s plenty of research showing the same phenomenon accounts for all sorts of very serious and major social discrepancies. What’s particularly horrible is that you can’t actually take people to court for not doing something they didn’t have to do, or weren’t supposed to do … except that they are doing it for some people… and in a way that turns out on to be racially selective.

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