This is Why We Need Science in Schools

If you haven’t heard it yet, Zack Kopplin tried and failed to get the “Louisiana Science Education Act” repealed.

For those who are unaware, this was passed into being by fellow brown person and all round arsehole Bobby Jindal. And it’s a piece of legislation that allows for the teaching of anything from literal creationism (Biblical of course) to Intelligent design as “alternatives” to science.

It was a “close” thing. It was voted down 3:2. It’s unlikely to ever get passed with the current “voters” in place.

Sen. Elbert Guillory, D-Opelousas, said he had reservations with repealing the act because he believe that science doesn’t have all the answers (it doesn’t. If it did, it would stop). He cam to this conclusion after a spiritual healer correctly diagnosed a specific medical ailment he had. He said he thought repealing the act could “lock the door on being able to view ideas from many places, concepts from many cultures.”

“Yet if I closed my mind when I saw this man — in the dust, throwing some bones on the ground, semi-clothed — if I had closed him off and just said, ‘That’s not science. I’m not going to see this doctor,’ I would have shut off a very good experience for myself,” Guillory said.



This is why you need education in schools. So that you don’t have some fucking idiot becoming a SENATOR! This man honestly thinks that some half naked charlatan hurling bones onto the ground is as adept at diagnosis as an MRI machine. This man clearly should not be in charge of deciding what should and shouldn’t be taught to children.

The “medicine man’s” diagnosis is down to cold reading and the placebo effect. It’s a shocking kind of attitude that doesn’t just let “Creationism” through the cracks but also quackery.

Seriously? Nobel Prize winners and famous scientists wrote in and were vetoed by some idiot who fell for a guy hurling bones onto the floor.

The alt. med and creationists crow about this like some sort of Yavin 4 watershed where they are Luke Skywalker, but in reality it’s just increased the number of children coming out of Louisiana with inferior educations. And yes, it hasn’t driven away companies like GE from investing there and that’s because no one is trying to flog perpetual motion machines and “alternative” or “divine” engineering.

This may be the closest the law got to being overturned but it’s also the time science education got ruined by a man who believes in magical bones.


  1. smrnda says

    When I run across people giving testimonials to alt medicine and such, I notice that they all seem completely ignorant of how one goes about testing claims of what works in medicine. They’re presenting vague, personal, anecdotal reports as if they should be taken seriously. Do they understand how a hypothesis has to be falsifiable, how trials of a treatment have to be put together so you can compare against controls, anything smacking of legitimate science?

    On Jindal, he’s a product of American Evangelical culture, which is big into ‘testimonies’ as a sign of truth, and they take this shoddy method of proving the existence of a god and use it for everything.

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