SSA Saturday Blogathon

Today’s blogathon is over the weekend. Hopefully more of you will be about to hang out and raise money for the Secular Student Alliance and for all the good that they do.

This year I set a rather small goal for myself. Unlike the big hitter blogs, I know I don’t have a massive following to keep asking for generous donations.

So instead I set it a rather small $500 with the caveat that if we hit it people can start placing requests for forfeits. I know JT Eberhard has offered to sing a song at every presentation he does. I know Greta was offering pictures of cats.

The best I can do is this.

I have no idea what to offer up as a bribe to get you guys to donate. So make your suggestions! You can either leave them in the comments section or mail them to me

As we stand we are at $365 out of $500. Me and Tiga will be on a hangout and anyone who wants can come say hello.


  1. Granted, although says

    Listen! While we can surmise that being a powerful speaker is great, but eventually you have to perform.

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