SSA – Million Gods hangout now live

The SSA Blogathon by A Million Gods and Associated People (Tiga – My girlfriend may be around so you guys are welcome to come see that she is totally real and not a figment of my nerd imagination! Piano Black may also make time for this) will be online and hanging out so come say hello while I try and blog my way through to hitting the $500 mark on my fundraising goal.

I am trying to start the blogathon by 10PM so it’s late enough in the morning for Americans and a good time for Indians who aren’t distracted by all that Cricket Malarky. In addition I can get people from Europe and the Middle East who aren’t too busy. Basically? Just got in and am a bit cooked so saving it up for later.

I am trying to aim for a blog post every hour unlike the shambolic haphazard events of Tuesday. In addition? I am accepting “requests”.

The link to the hangout is here.

If you wish to donate to the Secular Student Alliance then the link is here. And yes, you can suggest forfeits.

Examples of Forfeits? I have no cats but Tiga has shown an interest in seeing me in Slave Leo outfit. I have offered my talents to cook. I have even suggested that I help put on a children’s play on the immune system (Rawr! I am a Bacteria! Om Nom Nom! I am a Macrophage!). Whatever it is. Leave your comments and suggestions either here or on the hangout.


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