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India is a land that is both modern and ancient and manages to marry the two concepts without batting an eyelash. There is no existential crisis between the most modern parts of India and the most ancient of practices. Science institutes regularly pray for a good year of research without any contradiction between science and faith.

So in a modern India you find some things that simply “don’t make much sense” to most western sensibilities.

What? No Sewing?

See? It’s a modern take on an ancient “ritual” that all women had to go through once upon a time. You see historically women kept the house and so would be taught by their parents. But in a modern world where parents are busy with jobs? One has to teach women in a modern way…

I mean this is pretty much a “how to be the Ideal Wife ™”. Cooking? Cleaning? Even how to wear a Sari and Make Up!

Can’t be looking plain around you husband right ladies?

I was actually amused by the lack of responses on The Indian Man, because I expected people to defend it. But this ties in with that. The entire course is dedicated to making women into “good wives” by forcing them into this mould. The course specifically is aimed at making women who are about to get married into “ideal wives”. And that means cooking, cleaning and looking good for their husbands. I mean I pointed out that the entire life of an Indian man was traditionally “easy” and that all of female existence was aimed at enabling his life. And this is pretty much the ideal and modern way of doing that.

You know what would be great?

If the course wasn’t aimed at women but men. We can call it “The Husband Course”. As modern gender roles have blurred, many men have been left out of learning the skills necessary to live a life as an equal partner in marriage rather than as the dominant one. Gone are the days of women waiting on you hand and foot and staying at home. The modern woman is career driven and the modern Indian man has to change from the sullen tantrum throwing infant who was waited on hand and foot to the sort of man who appeals to the career driven woman.

Evolve or Die Boys. Evolving means learning how to pull your own weight and treat women as equals. And that means learning to keep the house. It doesn’t mean women are going to demand you get them a beer, it means that you too are going to have to learn to do the dishes, look good, clean and cook.

And that’s not a bad thing!

I am blogging as part of the Secular Student Alliance’s blogathon. I am trying to aim for a blog post every so often unlike the shambolic haphazard events of Tuesday. In addition? I am accepting “requests”.

The link to the hangout is here. But the blogathon proper should start in around 2 Hours and continue at a more sedate and sane pace. (New Link! The old one crashed!)

If you wish to donate to the Secular Student Alliance then the link is here. And yes, you can suggest forfeits.


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    I was actually amused by the lack of responses on The Indian Man, because I expected people to defend it.

    Not surprised, I hope… It’s kind of indefensible…

    Don’t know if you’ve seen this… Believe me, I’ve seen such sentiments from our generation, leave alone the older ones!

    In fact, in many ways, our generation is regressive; my parents are far more liberal than many of my peers!

  2. says

    On another note, “Air conditioned classes and kitchens”

    You wouldn’t want your daughter sweating it out in a non-air-conditioned environment, while learning how to be a slave now, would you?

  3. says

    BTW? Tiga is online and she thinks I am trying to suggest something…

    Well the A/C is to stop the makeup from running!

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