This is it boys, this is war!

In January this year Boone High School began allowing the distribution of Bibles in schools citing that the Bible was being provided to encourage discussion about religion and that any religion related group can submit their own literature.

It will be Legen-wait for it-dary

After 15 weeks of fighting with the Orange County School Board (In Florida), the road has been paved for being able to supply the 11 high schools in the region with atheistic materials (I call it science textbooks but whatever). Normally atheists have not tried to enforce their viewpoint in schools because despite all claims to the contrary, most of us do  respect people’s views unless they are harmful, dangerous or impinging on others.

We do not protest the vegan diets of the Jains despite it harming their women (Low iron diet + menstruation = anaemia) because they aren’t claiming that this diet will end world violence.

Jains aren’t trying to force the Tirthankaras to be taught as fact in schools. Unfortunately, Christians do want their Bible to be taught as absolute truth or at least to poison the well of science sufficiently to give credence to the Bible as an equal and opposite viewpoint.

The atheist groups in Orange County started lobbying for the distribution of Atheist Material in schools after Bibles were allowed to be distributed in schools from January and breach the Separation of Church and State under the guise of religious freedom allowing all viewpoints. However getting the “Atheist” one out there has taken since January.

There has been resistance from the Christian community, some school board members and parents too. “Being able to have atheist literature, I think, they would be confused as far as being able to hear God’s word,” said self-described Christian Jacob Crosby.

The pamphlet has a page torn off because the school district did ban some portions of the literature having to do with donations and parts that dissected certain Bible quotes. The group said it plans to fight that ban in court if necessary.

I personally don’t think schools should be a battleground over who’s religion is the most fake but if we are pushing Bibles in schools then we have to push every other faith and include atheism. It’s “only fair”.

However? The Ideal is that we stop trying to insert Bibles into children. Religion and Children do not mix. Indoctrinate the little blighters in your own time, but leave education to the schools. I would be more impressed if Americans stood up and said “Our Children Do No Learn Science! We Need More Science In Schools!” rather than “More Superstition”.

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  1. says

    Isn’t the title of this post a line from ’99 red balloons’?

    Also: A stick figure instead of Barney Stinson? As a ‘How I Met Your Mother’ fan I feel obliged to express my deep and enduring disappointment.

    I may even have to flounce off, threatening never to return – only to be back in mere hours to troll people.

    Seriously: The last paragraph says it all. If parents in the US want their children to share their religious beliefs they can do so at home, take them to church, send them to religious camps or workshops, and so on, instead of trying to circumvent the Constitution.

  2. Scr... Archivist says

    Sometimes Christian supremacists back down when their enemies use the same rules they do. For example, some U.S. schools have considered banning all non-academic extra-curricular activities just to prevent gay-straight alliances from forming. Maybe something like that would happen with these book distributions.

    And yes, I think you’re right about the song. I recognized it, too.

  3. glodson says

    It is almost like Christians here in the US aren’t used to it when other groups try to assert their religious freedoms, and really don’t like it when they have to play by the same rules as everyone else.

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