SSA Blogathon – Pfft! Equality

When one thinks of women’s advocates one doesn’t think of this next contender.

It’s Phyllis Schlafly, well known mother of Andrew Schlafly (guy who started Conservapedia) and all around person who has set out to deny women the basic access to healthcare and indeed a staunch activist against the Violence Against Women Act.

As many people know, I am incredibly against violence in relationships. I even feel awkward around “the violent” aspects of S&M owing to a family history of violence. My aunt was beaten by her husband and I was hit a lot as a child. I grew up “healthy” as have many children but I wouldn’t want the Child Abuse Act repealed on my example.

Let’s start with the video. It’s covered every anti-female trope

  • Victimisation!
  • Abortion Industry!
  • Contraception!
  • Desolation of Family!
  • Communism!
  • Women Will Have Careers! Men Will Stay at Home!
  • People will have ONE CHILD!
  • Women Cry! Men don’t cry!
  • Women get raped (So feminism is bad?)
  • Women dress like sluts! (You don’t have Slut Sonar, you require parking for your High Horse)
  • Quiverfull is not harmful! (Medically speaking? Quiverfull is detrimental to women’s health)

Real women don’t need “feminism.”

Real women don’t have sex! The stork delivers babies to them without all that messy business of shooting DNA at each other.

That’s according to “The Monstrous Regiment of Women,” a Colin Gunn award-winning documentary that undercuts any strength that might be attributed to the feminist worldview.



Notable women’s advocate Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum explains it simply.

She advocates for lippy women to get a swift punch in the mouth… not the kind of advocacy for the benefit of women.

“The problem with feminism, I think the principal problem, is the cultivation of an attitude of victimization. Feminism tries to make women believe they are victims of an oppressive, male-dominated, patriarchal society. They wake up in the morning with a chip on their shoulder.”

I thought they woke up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy?

The film takes its title from a famous tract by 16th-century reformer John Knox, “The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women.”

The tract was written to oppose a notorious European female tyrant who sought to stamp out biblical Christianity in Knox’s beloved Scotland.

I didn’t field this article because of the feminism bits. I fielded it because of HISTORY.

John Knox wrote a pro-protestant rant with the aforementioned name riling against Mary of Guise, the Dowager Queen of Scotland who was mother to Mary, Queen of Scots who’s Half Sister to Elizabeth, Queen of England. Knox opposed Catholic Rule and wrote the book to attempt to destabilise the powers of various queens in particular Mary of Guise who the book was primarily aimed at. The problem here is that as we all know the Protestant Sympathising Elizabeth the First came to power.

So John Knox wrote an anti-catholic pro-protestant anti-female book against the pro-protestant female anti-catholic Queen of England who was stamping all over the Catholics at this point. Making John Knox either the worst anti-catholic in the history of mankind or WND does absolutely no research what so ever. John Knox’s argument was stupid at the time period and to walk under it’s banner is just even more stupid.

It’s actually ironic because they are using the title without ANY sense of irony since the very book that John Knox wrote would have done more damage to HIS OWN SIDE. It’s like the KKK marching under the music of the Wu Tang Clan.

The Monstrous Regiment of Women is a clarion call to all and a must-see, thought-provoking movie.

Many thoughts such as why are we watching this and can these women be really this blind?

This is like black people making a pro-KKK video.

Sally Anne, a customer at, wrote: “Well, if you are a feminist (even just a teeny bit of one) be forewarned that you will need to hang onto your hat for watching this one :) But, it’s worth it! It’s a great movie, and does a super job of depicting some of the changes that feminism has brought to our world…ever since John Knox wrote his ‘First Blast’ booklet. Yeah for John Knox and yeah for the producers of this thought provoking movie!”

Yet at no point did anyone have the thought about googling who was in power at the time, John Knox’s beliefs and how his beliefs were part of a sectarian attack on Catholics which I am sure WND and the poster isn’t in favour of… or maybe it is. Who knows what history they read in wingnutistan.

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  1. maudell says

    I think the last part is key. Wingnuts usually don’t care about Protestant/Catholic fights (even though they might think of each other as heretics). I think that’s a big part of their political strength in America. With people like Bill Donohue and Rick Santorum, both Catholics, the agenda of most fundies can be met.
    What’s left in John Knox, to a wingnut, is the precious misogyny.
    Phyllis Schlafly puzzles me. According to her dogma, shouldn’t she be an uneducated, silent husband property?I don’t think she should, but it just seems contradictory to what she advocates. Maybe a “do what I say, not what I do syndrome? I don’t get it.
    [note: yes, Schlafly is extremely well educated]

  2. Slow Learner says

    Mary of Guise was NOT Elizabeth’s mother.

    Elizabeth’s mother was Anne Boleyn, as beheaded for witchcraft.

    What is more, Elizabeth, albeit influential in Scotland, did not rule there – the union of crowns came with James the Sixth and First on Elizabeth’s death in 1603.

    In fact, wiki claims that Knox published the First Blast etc when Queen Mary was on the throne of England – yes, a lot of Maries, but this is a different one, daughter of Catherine of Aragon.

    My point being, this is a good post, which makes some good points…but if you’re going to correct the wingnuts on their history, do try to use correct history!

  3. says

    May I recommend Terry Pratchetts “Monsterous Regiment”? I believe it’s inspired by John Knox. Pratchett is very, very observant and very, very funny, unlike Phyllis Schlafly who can’t see the obvious and is only funny unintentionally.


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