SSA May Day Mayhem Blogathon – There Are Four Lights

Why We Caught Bin Laden! 

Torture exists solely for the sake of torture, it is indeed a sad world where we assume that torture is an acceptable way to obtain confessions and information.

Rick Santorum failed to understand one thing that enhanced interrogation, and that John McCain was subject to such interrogation. Only back then we called it for what it was. Torture.


I felt bad for McCain. Everytime he was forced to defend torture you could see he didn’t believe in what he was saying. If any one person in the Republican Party understands torture, it is him. The man who was tortured so badly his arms can’t lift above his shoulders anymore.

 The problem with torture is that there are many many responses. Either they tell the truth, or they tell a lie, or they tell you everything they think you want to know. Only one out of three responses is useful, the rest are actually detrimental to you.

And the worst bit is that the people defending torture are often Christians and who clad torture in the fancy words of interrogation in the same way that the Inquisition used the word confession. And these people tried to claim that they were sticking to “Christian Values”. If they did then they were clinging to the worst ones.

The ultimate joke is that the people it was used against were expendable. The way Al-Qaeda works is multiple redundancy at all levels. Everyone is expendable and can be replaced. Torturing one does not give you a reliable source of information, it just torture for the sake of it.

Just remember. There Are Four Lights.

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    And to think, this episode was aired in 1992, well before we were inundated with "waterboarding" as an "enhanced interrogation technique". Although, to be fair, this is a wonderfully done Orwellian piece.

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