SSA May Day Mayhem – You Are Who You Choose to Be

People ask “why do you study and work in India” to which I respond “It’s because of who I am”. Because I had an opportunity to study Medicine and an opportunity to learn here and the experience is fantastic even if it is sometimes challenging and difficult.

The best things in life are hard.

And it also ties in with something I grew up with. I didn’t have the best role models growing up and a lot of what I do was to find myself. I have grown a lot and developed a lot. I am slowly turning into someone I like. I may be pudgy and bald but as a person I have grown. I may be scarred but each one is a lesson that has shaped me into the person I am.

There will always be regrets and you will always yearn for those but you wouldn’t be the same person today without those.

Every single experience we have shapes us. You know your true character in the dark because when life is easy you can afford to be principled. However when it gets hard? Then all those little temptations are just so much more seductive. The ability to resist is what you are.

And I think that despite everything I have done what is right and what is good.

If there was one piece of advice I could give to a younger me?

You are who you choose to be.

Avicenna is blogging for the SSA over the May Day holiday and will be doing so on the Saturday/Sunday too. He is trying to reach the goal of $500 of your shiny American Dollars. Help him do so by donating here. And leave your suggestions on the concurrent hangout happening over here.


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