SSA May Day Mayhem Blogathon – Not the Ducks – You Can’t Prove It

This one’s from Jake Fern, an anti-vax advocate.

Some things in life cannot be proven. We don’t understand gravity for example. Life is an ongoing experiment/adventure. Certainly, if funding is not available, then it is very difficult for those who are concerned about the safety of vaccinations to ‘scientifically’ prove there are dangers. It is however, obvious to any intelligent person that some of the common ingredients in many vaccines are known to be potentially toxic and it is therefore quite understandable that people have concerns. It is equally true that those who believe vaccines are safe cannot prove it. It cannot be proven that the cocktail of heavy metals and foreign biological substances such as foetal cells, bovine serum as well as chemicals such as MSG are not causing adverse reactions in children. Even though they ‘prove’ nothing, to dismiss the accounts of parents who have seen their children ‘disappear’ after vaccinations is foolish. 

The majority of anti-vax have not been capable of explaining how the human immune system works nor do they grasp concentrations. To me it is basic high school science but I understand that my education is not the same as others. I do feel that this kind of knowledge is vital to understand why vaccination is important.

The common ingredients of vaccines can be toxic in large concentrations or contain compounds with toxic elements but as compounds they have better safety profiles. They each serve a role. Vaccines are not 100% safe and we do know of people who should not use them. The vaccine STILL protects them through the herd immunity.

The concerns people have are due to a fundamental lack of understanding of vaccines and how they function.

The “Heavy Metal” hasn’t been used in the majority of western vaccines for more than a decade verging on two now. There are adults who never received a single Thimerosal containing vaccine. The entire point of a vaccine is to transfer foreign biological cells in order to gain an immunity by offering weakened or dead pathogens for the body to learn.

Yes there are some contaminants such as the cells used to culture these pathogens but guess what? Our body recognises foreign human cells and destroys them just as easily. It’s why we need to match organs in order to transplant them.

And a lot of stabilisers that he complains about are ingested in greater quantities from other sources with nary an ill effect.

Children generally have to undergo various milestones in order to chart their development. It’s just that these milestones happen to coincide with medical visits. So 8 to 9 month vaccines coincide with 8 to 9 month milestone loss that may be due to other causes. I am aware of more than one parent who blamed Cerebral Palsy on vaccines and was backed up by Chiros and other quacks.

A more detailed history provides insight into the cause. A “natural birth” and a difficult one at that with a low APGAR score. The baby took more than 5 minutes to cry. Hypoxia causes Cerebral Palsy, the baby was doomed to it from the start and the major cause of it was the natural birth rather than “vaccines”. A lot of cases have alternate causes that parents are unwilling to accept because it often means that there is no one to blame (bad luck), someone to blame but who cannot (genetics) or they themselves are the ones to be blamed.

This is not to mention the huge sums of money that have been paid to petitioners who have taken the Secretary of Health and Human Services to court in the US, claiming vaccines had damaged their children. eg,

Actually, anyone can claim a vaccine damage if you have an adverse reaction. The amount of adverse reactions are rare and the majority of them are allergies. The vaccine courts pay out enmasse and only a handful of cases have been positively linked to vaccination and in those cases there is an underlying and rare aetiology. For instance? The Hannah Poling case was linked to a mitochondrial disorder so rare that there were just a handful of people in the USA. It was a disease with an incidence of more than 1 in a Million. That is not the vaccine’s fault, that is not the child’s fault that is not anyone’s fault. That is a sad coincidence and bad luck.

I also feel that the attitude of many of those who are posting here is arrogant and childish as well as insensitive to those who may be going through tough times. 

My first anti-vax was Mike Adams. I found his work being handed out around patients in India.

It was in the hands of an anxious mother whose son couldn’t drink water and who cried and gnashed his teeth.

The boy died of rabies and the mother told me she was given these handouts telling her to not vaccinate. The people who are going through trying times are given a scapegoat by unscrupulous charlatans and their attitude does kill. And when these people ask them “why” they simply ignore them.

You may be going through a tough time but blaming something not responsible doesn’t help anyone and only results in more people going through tough times.

And with regards to the iron lung: 

According to VACCINES Are They Really Safe & Effective? by Neil Z. Miller,
“From 1923 to 1953,before the Salk killed-virus vaccine was introduced, the polio death rate in the United States and England had already declined on its own by 47 percent and 55 percent, respectively. Source International Mortality Statistics (1981) by Michael Alderson.”

The Stuaert’s Box was invented in 1918 and the Iron Lung in 1928. The mortality of polio was due to paralysis of the lungs. The iron lung allowed the patient to live until the body fought the polio off and respiration could be maintained. However this often meant weakness and paralysis of the limbs with shortened life expectancy. People still got Polio, they just died a lot less and often had to live in the Iron Lung for months.

And here is where people forget.

Vaccines do not reduce mortality rates. The mortality rate drops through medical care because mortality is fatalities per case.

What vaccines do is reduce the incidence which is the total number of diseases. This means that despite the same mortality the disease kills less because there are simply fewer cases.

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  1. Sercee says

    She started off by falling out of the gate.

    “Some things in life cannot be proven. We don’t understand gravity for example.”

    Actually, we got that one nailed down pretty good, now.

  2. jake fern says

    I’m not an anti vax advocate. I wouldn’t advocate not using vaccines because I admit I don’t have the whole story. I’m a parent who is trying to make the right decision. If you read my post carefully you’ll see that I make no judgment on the issue but am talking about being open minded enough to admit we can never fully know one way or the other .For example, Injecting foreign animal and human tissue into the blood stream of an infant, Dr Tent theorises may be leading to many of the auto-immune diseases that are becoming common later in life. This is something that is very hard to prove and may or may not be true, but we need to be humble enough to admit that the history of modern health care is littered with ‘mistakes’ and misunderstandings, eg smoking was once considered healthy and encouraged, margarine was once promoted as a health food, sunlight, which we were all told to be afraid of is now promoted as a cure etc. Now, I’m not saying all modern medicine is valueless, but it is UNDERSTANDABLE that people are sceptical about advice given by mainstream health practitioners.

    And Sercee, we don’t have that one nailed. If you know something that the greatest minds in physics are failing to grasp then please enlighten us all.

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