SSA May Day Mayhem Blogathon – Karma, Dharma and Dogma

Atheism in the land of a million gods is on the rise.

For all of India’s secularism (like the USA it is entrenched in the constitution), there is a rise of religious fervor in the nation. As India has grown so has it’s superstition. Caste based politics are rife across the nation. Religion based politics are equally rife with various parties drumming up dissent via the time honoured medium of an angry uncontrolled mob to scare people into doing what they want.

India is controlled by mobs of people. From the strongmen of politicians to the shady business partners of big business to the simple mob of people whipped into a frenzy by good old religious intolerance.

Among all this lie the people who feast on ignorance. The charlatans and quacks. Homeopaths abound the streets in a nation filled with people who lose 6% of their children in the first year. People make decisions based on astrology charts rather than common sense. Marriages are decided not by personal compatibility or inclination of the couple, but by the random hand of astrology and horoscopes.

One of the biggest hindu sages of the past decade was the Sai Baba. His magic tricks wowed millions into believing his divinity and conned millions out of them. Added to which the various accusations about sexual misconduct that were simply ignored and covered up…

Many Indian atheists probably have to hide. I myself was met with relative derision upon my stance but my parents have left me alone. I still do pretend to my grandmother, but frankly I do it to avoid hurting her feelings.

They need more role models out there. To show them that there are other hindus, muslims and christians who happen to be brown who left their faith and that they are not alone in their skepticism and secularism.

Avicenna is blogging for the SSA over the May Day holiday and will be doing so on the Saturday/Sunday too. He is trying to reach the goal of $500 of your shiny American Dollars. Help him do so by donating here. And leave your suggestions on the concurrent hangout happening over here.

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