An uncomfortable truth – Men don’t like prostate exams

It’s a test that both doctors and patients fear, the dreaded rectal examination. It’s one of those social taboos that we do not understand. Why would anyone want to put their fingers “up there” and what could they possibly tell from that.
In women, it can be used to palpate structures much like a vaginal exam. In some cases it can be used to drain fluids that have accumulated within the body cavity.
In men however it has a more prognostic role. The prostate is the male uterus, it’s function is mildly secretory and in the maintainance of sperm counts. However with age comes a lack of use (it’s been indicated that masturbation helps. Gentlemen… go nuts) and with lack of use comes fibrosis. Fibrosis thickens the tissue and makes it difficult to urinate, it’s like compressing a hosepipe in the middle. [Read more…]

Top 6 Lies by us Lieberals on Boston

I spent a day being “rather sick” thanks to an accidental consumption of soya that I am intolerant to. Let’s just say no would want to be my friend and I figured I should do something fun.

Like a List. Or should I say Liest?

Today’s epic post of epicness comes from Front Page magazine who are running a top 6 lies about the Boston Bombers while cackling in their boots. It’s their favorite topic after all. Islamofacism… [Read more…]

2 Weeks

There is something I have been waiting for more than anything over the past year.

I don’t have much in my life. I am pretty lonely here. Most of the people I am around are either too old or too young. Despite the assumption that our culture is the same there are massive differences between us. India is as Alien to me as it is to You.

But through it all, over the last year there has been one thing that’s been driving me forwards. [Read more…]


On April 23, Sunil Triparthi was discovered in the waters off India Point Park in Providence, Rhode Island.

Sunil’s death had nothing to do with the tragic bombings in Boston, however arm chair generals from Reddit caused a story to be run in a variety of blogs that blamed him for them. And his family was subject to harassment and abuse.

Freedom of Speech is Important.

So is Responsibility of Speech.

So it is with a sad heart that I offer my condolences to the Triparthi family.

We share your grief, we cannot begin to understand what your family went through especially with the harassment. And for that we are sorry.

Your compassion, humanity and willingness to forgive makes this even more bitter that your family didn’t get the one thing that it deserved the most. That in spite of everything you didn’t lose hope and endured the worst of humanity.

The family have requested that all donations be placed at a fund which will be used to sponsor charity reflecting Sunil’s Spirit.

You can donate to the

The Sunil Tripathi Memorial Fund, c/o Brown University

110 Elm Street, Box 1893, Providence RI 02912