SSA May Day Madness Blogathon – Animal Liberation is Helping! Honest!

One of the first groups of people I tangled with when I started my blog were the lovely folk at Negotiation is Over.

And it’s where one of my first “readers” found my blog. Because of my support for the biologists and students of biology at the University of Florida and the right to study free from harassment (Yes, that’s the Meowcenary). I never really expected to get this big as a blog and honestly most of the stuff I wrote was mainly because we both just wanted to vent at people who made our lives miserable.

This may not be secular but it is how I started.

I am all for treating animals ethically. And I understand that animal research isn’t the ideal but it is currently the best we have. And I know that through animal research we are trying to make animal research redundant. I know that as a practice, Animal Research is more heavily policed than the Kennel Club and professional animal breeders.

So it is “more of the same” for me to hear that Animal Liberation “Activists” occupied an animal research facility at the University of Milan and then helped save the animals by releasing mice and rabbits while mixing up cage labels to confuse experimental protocols effectively destroying years of research work.

These animals were mainly used as genetic models for psychiatric disorders such as autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

The attack was staged by the Animal Liberation group called Stop Green Hill which normally targets a dog-breeding facility. Five Activists broke in using two of them as human hostages by chaining their necks to doors to ensure they stayed shut while they destroyed the research.

Meanwhile they were protected by hundreds of animal rights sympathisers.

The ultimate joke is that a fair few of the animals were mutant mice including “nude” mice who are immunosuppressed. Outside the confines of the lab they are littl

Some of the mice they removed were delicate mutants and immunosuppressed ‘nude’ mice, which die very quickly outside controlled environments such as an animal experimentation laboratory. Oh and in a repeat of the kind of attacks Negotiation is Over and Camille Marino attempted at Florida, they posted the names of researchers.

The point of that is to encourage personal attacks on them. The sort of “Fair Game” strategy that the Animal Liberation movement includes death threats, personal property damage and most importantly, threats on others who know you. You may have the stones to fight them but your wife may not appreciate them mailing razorblades to her.

The bullying tactics of animal liberation must stop. PETA is the “Acceptable” face of these people but it merely provides a smokescreen of flag wavers who support the extreme actions of those who think that their actions help animals. In effect all these animal liberation activists have done is doom MORE animals to a horrible death, increased the cost of research, delayed research that they often require (Remember, even the Vaunted Camille Marino admitted she needed ICU care that was developed through animal experimentation).

The major people currently affected are the researchers who have seen years of research and sometimes entire PhD.s go up by the actions of neo-luddites who destroy things that they don’t understand or don’t require. But it also affects a lot of humans who are subject to these diseases.

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  1. CaitieCat says

    Wish I could pitch in some cash, but right now trying to find the rent for tomorrow is preoccupying me. Good post, though.

    However, I did want to point out that PETA is only the “acceptable” face to a very few; their constant abuse of racist and sexist tropes to make their campaigns has lost them by far the majority of any natural allies they may once have expected to have. Not very nice people. Most animal rights activists I know are disgusted by PETA, and by anyone using threats of violence against people to make the case for less violence against animals. YMMV, of course; just wanted to add that to the discussion.

  2. cheesynougats says

    I have to ask this: do the animal liberation groups think that researchers enjoy having to experiment on animals? Is their world view based on a Captain Planet episode or something, with nefarious villains cackling over little mice in agony? Have any of them sat down to ask a researcher about hir opinions of the necessity of animal testing?

  3. says

    In my interactions with them, they have always denied that any benefit could possibly come from animal testing.

    As an aside, I come from the a part of Canada that has been peripheral to the seal hunt, and we have seen a number of animal rights activists here, including everyone’s favourite, Jerry Vlasic. We’ve also had a few celebrities such as Paul McCartney and Loretta Swit. The reaction here has varied from bemusement for those who made fools of themselves to outright hostility. They certainly didn’t make friends.

  4. VeganAtheistWeirdo says

    I don’t agree with what these people do. That said, I also don’t accept as given that non-human animal research is still necessary for human-targeted goals. There is nothing inherently unethical or immoral about consented human testing; I would guess that expense and the ease of control are the biggest obstacles to a complete transition.

  5. says

    Except that you would have to induce schizophrenia and autism to prove and understand it’s aetiology and that would also require physical evidence through brain slices. It’s just not ethical to try it out on “volunteers”.

    The reason we test is we have no other options. You cannot take a bunch of autistic kids and experiment on them. Firstly? No one would let their kids be tested on and secondly?

    How do you think we know about brain changes? You have to dissect the brain. This is invariably fatal… It’s why we test on animals. Because animal lives aren’t as valuable as human ones. And even vegans think that way. Why should the death of a mouse be acceptable to keep food safe (let’s just say that mice are not a big threat to my lamb chops as they are to our rice) but not to develop medicine and do research that helps save lives?

  6. CaitieCat says

    No, VAW, i’d suggest that the problem with transition to human testing is more to do with ethics than expense or control groups; it is very hard to ensure that people in financial straits aren’t pressured with money. It’s also difficult to get people who don’t need the money to commit the time, because they have higher-pressure jobs, as a rule.

  7. VeganAtheistWeirdo says

    I don’t understand how you can diagnose or prove schizophrenia or autism in a non-human-communicative animal, so I don’t know why you would find that evidence more valuable than postmortem examination of humans known to have had the conditions. You and I do not have the same point of view as regards the relative value of life among species, so I will avoid going further in that direction for this discussion.

    You’re right, and I have seen this indicated as another barrier to human medical research. Perhaps in a society that had efficient ways of supporting its indigent members we would be more likely to see a near total replacement of non-human subjects for human research. Don’t get me wrong; I have no delusion that this will ever happen. If it did, there would probably be other issues that would make me no happier about it than I am the current state of things.

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