SSA May Day Blogathon – Age of Kali – A Second Nirbhaya

In a shocking repeat of the Delhi December 2012 rape of “Nirbhaya”, a four year year old girl was raped and found unconscious at a farm by her parents around 2 weeks ago.

[warning]Trigger Warning – Rape, Murder[/warning]

She was moved from her state to a large hospital in Nagpur where she passed away on Monday at 7:45 PM due to a cardiac arrest caused by shock. The sheer brutality of the attack causing internal damage resulting in transmission of infection.

This is just the latest in a string of sex attacks that are finally getting the media attention that they deserve. One can argue that the religious entrenchment of the dominance of males and the creation of a society of males that “won’t take no” for an answer is the cause of this but the issues are so varied.

Religion does help poison the well here by helping oppress women be it via the Purdah system or via the Burkha. This comes just after a young girl was kidnapped in Delhi where the parents were told to “come back later”. Women are effectively made 2nd class citizens by every aspect of Indian culture and that includes religion, so while the blame isn’t explicit, religion is certainly complicit in this.

This fans the embers on more protests and more riots as people demand action and I fear that people are unwilling to look critically at the reasons for this and instead attack scapegoats. People prefer blaming fast food and “skin tight jeans” rather than “a society that validates the action of men to the point that they don’t even think before raping someone”. It is not KFC that glorifies rape but a culture that makes women invisible and unwanted.

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