Top 6 Lies by us Lieberals on Boston

I spent a day being “rather sick” thanks to an accidental consumption of soya that I am intolerant to. Let’s just say no would want to be my friend and I figured I should do something fun.

Like a List. Or should I say Liest?

Today’s epic post of epicness comes from Front Page magazine who are running a top 6 lies about the Boston Bombers while cackling in their boots. It’s their favorite topic after all. Islamofacism…

You have to admire how, when it comes to pushing their agendas, the American left stays relentlessly on point. Nothing stalls, much less derails, their locomotive, not even a terrorist act on our own shores.  As Mad Men’s adman extraordinaire Don Draper tells his clients, “If you don’t like the conversation, change it.” The left doesn’t like the current Boston bombing conversation because it’s about Islam, their partner in an unholy alliance; so they quite simply do everything in their power to change it. How? Let us count the ways.

Yes because liberal values such as anti-feminism, executions, separation of religion and state and proper treatment of homosexuals is a core similarity with fundamentalist Islam.

When you make statements like this you drive a wedge into people by dividing them into “us and them”.

The “Left” doesn’t like the current conversation about the Boston bombing because the current conversation is “fucking moronic”.

You have everything from people claiming that they should ban people with “scary names” such as Tamerlane to stop immigration of Mexicans to stop the immigration of Muslims. And all these ideas are stupid.

Blaming the right. Immediately after last week’s Boston Marathon terrorism, the mainstream news media began speculating that right-wingers were behind the blasts. And by speculating, I mean demonizing, because that was the left-leaning media’s fervent intent – to not let the crisis go to waste, to cast suspicion upon the overlapping segments of society they are hell-bent on “otherizing,” to use their own terminology: law-abiding Tea Partiers, patriots, veterans, Republicans, the NRA, white people, Christians. A CNN analyst, to name only one example, focused the discussion on “right-wing extremists.” More blatantly, Salon put its hateful bigotry on display in an article entitled, incredibly, “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.”

  • An article about “not jumping to conclusions. I will remind readers that many right wingers jumped to conclusions regarding Sunil Triparthi and then proceeded to delete their post and “not apologise”.
  • The second link mentions Al-Qaeda and Islamic Terror FIRST then Right Wing Extremists
  • And it was a White American. I am sorry but you cannot physically get more Caucasian than the Boston bombers. The Salon article was about prejudice and the prejudice of people using race (All Muslims are Brown) and stereotype rather than real detective work.
  • Real detective work won out. If we thought like the people of Front Page they would have probably ignored the bomber and harassed the Saudi Arabian kid who was injured in the blast. Because all Muslims are arabs and brown!

Blame the NRA. Once the ongoing investigation revealed it to be beyond dispute that the terrorists weren’t Tea Partiers, the left didn’t miss a beat. Even while the remaining fugitive was still at large, MSNBC’s attack dog Lawrence O’Donnell shamelessly blamed the National Rifle Association for hindering the investigation by having lobbied to block a taggant “that would enable tracing of the purchase of gunpowder”:

The NRA’s effort to guarantee that America’s mass murderers are the best equipped mass murderers in the world is not limited to those who use automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. The NRA is also in the business of helping bombers get away with their crimes.

O’Donnell conveniently neglected to mention that an independent scientific ruling years ago had recommended, for various reasons, against the use of taggants.

  • See, unlike the Right, most people can grasp that Timothy McVeigh was a “nutter” who acted on Right Wing Fantasy/Fears and is different from the guys who vote Republican just because they want a tax break.
  • We can also see the difference between McVeigh and other Scottish people and other Tea Partiers.
  • Independent Scientific Studies with regards to tagging and controlling and tracking sales of “explosives” may exist but the NRA is what fear mongers and flogs the fantasy of gun use and the NRA helped block the control of gunpowder. Saying that x supported it and we should simply  ignore the claims of y when it is convenient to your argument doesn’t help.
  • There is a strange irony that there is a willingness to control gunpowder rather than guns solely after their use by Islamic Fundies rather than “White Anglo-Saxon Protestants”.

Blame Guns. Along that same line, the left kept the conversation focused on their current obsession, gun control, since the terrorists used firearms in their shootout with police. Turns out – surprise! – they weren’t licensed firearm owners. This would seem to be strong evidence that gun control laws do little if anything to hinder criminals and terrorists; but the left isn’t the party of logic, so even though the terrorists used bombs to wreak their havoc, the left made it about guns: “Why does America lose its head over ‘terror’ but ignore its daily gun deaths?” the left-wing Guardian asks (note the scare quotes around “terror”). “US gun law bigger threat than terrorists,” claimedanother editorial. “Terror in Boston: It’s About Guns, Not Bombs,” blathered a leftist professor at University of North Carolina.

  • The Guardian is a British paper. And we think the USA’s addiction to guns is not only unhealthy but also pathological. America is sold this fantasy of gun use. Guns will SAVE YOUR LIFE. Guns WILL KEEP YOUR CHILDREN SAFE. Guns WILL FIGHT TYRANNY. But no one is ever told “Guns Kill People”.
  • The problems in the USA cannot be solved by guns and people use them to gloss over the fact. The very usage of guns make people insular and think that “That’s not my Problem” when it comes to various social issues.
  • They may not have been licensed firearm owners but guns are harder to come by if you cannot simply steal one from a licensed firearm owner (Surprisingly? Guns only prevent crime if you are at home. If you aren’t at home then Guns are great for stealing since in effect a stolen gun is a “blank” gun with no links between it and the thief) or indeed from unscrupulous merchants. One finds that if guns are banned the quality of the average firearm plummets since it’s hard to smuggle in guns and guns become harder to possess and use without major repercussions.

Islam is Innocent. Another tack the left used is to claim simply that Islam is an irrelevant factor. The Atlantic posed this defiantly moronic question: “The Boston Bombers Were Muslim: So?” Chris Matthews, MSNBC’s longest-running embarrassment, actually said “What difference does it make why they did it, if they did it?” Imagine the spit-flecked accusations this hypocrite would be hurling if the perpetrators had been Christian. Imagine the broad brush the multiculturalist left, in their all their non-judgmental tolerance, would be using to smear everyone on the right.

Melissa Harris-Perry, the race-obsessed MSNBC host who says your children don’t belong to you, took the “Islam is irrelevant” argument a step further by claiming that any attempt to point toward the terrorists’ Muslim nature is “otherizing” them: “Given that they’re Chechen, given that they are literally Caucasian, our very sense of connection to them is  this framed up notion of, like, Islam making them into something that is non-white,” she said inarticulately. What she’s getting at is that white Americans want to distance themselves from the terrorists by labeling them – framing them, as she puts it – as “something that is non-white,” hence Islam. First of all, Islam is not a race. Second, the only Americans who give a damn what color terrorists are are the left, because they want them to be white. Third, denial that the terrorists were carrying out violent jihad is simply a lie.

  • Actually we have generally been quite leniant to “white Christians” who do such things. If one notes the death toll, one realises that more people were killed by this man.
  • And yet we are not talking about taking away guns and rounding up the KKK.
  • In fact when Adam Landa killed people we were apt to blame the culture of guns. In order to protect guns the Right Wing demonised the mentally ill.
  • The very argument is to strip away their race and justify attacks on people of different skin colour. The best example was the half cocked approach with Sunil Triparthi where Right Wing ignorance deemed him to be responsible for these attacks and bandied around Islamic Terrorism despite the fact that Sunil was a Hindu.

The terrorists are the victims. These kids weren’t radicalized by Islam and al Qaeda, this theory goes. They placed bombs that killed women and children because they couldn’t fit in, because they felt alienated from our racist, Islamophobic society. “To understand the Boston bombers,” mused a self-hating coward at Slate, “we need also to understand and be honest about ourselves, the ways in which we both take in and don’t take in people from other countries, the trickier side of the American dream.” “Expecting hospitality,” sympathized an American University professor, “they felt alienated and disillusioned, even with all of the opportunities and privileges available to them as citizens of this country.” Those poor terrorists. If only eight-year-old Martin Richard had made these privileged immigrants from war-torn Chechnya feel more welcome, perhaps they wouldn’t have blown him and others to smithereens.

  • Martin Richard’s death is a tragedy. But it is no lesser or greater a tragedy than the deaths of children in Afghanistan to our drones.
  • The very treatment of Sunil’s and the Saudi Arabian Kid indicates how “American Hospitality” is.
  • They may have been privileged but here is the thing. The native language to the USA is NOT English. Pretty much everyone in the USA is descended from an “Immigrant”. And many such people were not “Privileged”. Saying “You Should Be Grateful we Gave You Refuge From War-Torn Chechnya” is like me telling American women that “They should be grateful that the UK offers them refuge from those barbarous Americans who still argue about basic Gynaecological healthcare”.
  • We don’t really know why they did it. What we have is grandiose speculation and fear mongering by Idiots.

We are the real terrorists. The reprehensible filmmaker Michael Mooretweeted that, because the terrorists turned out to be American citizens, “the rest of the world is safe now,” steering the conversation away from jihad’s central responsibility in worldwide terrorism and toward the suggestion tha tAmerica is the world’s true terrorist. This echoes the very accusation leveled at us by our most hateful enemies, so Moore has once again proudly shown where his allegiance lies.

  • Well? The USA’s repeated attempts to stymie Palestinian Independence and Statehood, sponsorship of Israel’s Military, Iraqi Invasion, Afghanistan Invasion, Interference in Somalia and Drone Attacks has meant that we have killed more “terrorists”. In addition we can happily toss in Historical Behaviour in the support of Right Wing militia and juntas and open abuse of markets.
  • In addition the USA’s idiotic war in Iraq has created a nation of discontent and instability for profit of corporations at the cost of American and Iraqi lives and the American Taxpayer.
  • Shouting “WE R No. 1″ may sound good to your ears but it blinds you to the reality of the USA.
Like 9/11, the Beltway Snipers, the Ft. Hood massacre, the Little Rock recruiting center murder, and the dozens and dozens of failed or thwarted plots on American soil, the Boston bombing (and subsequent murder of a police officer) is about Islam. It’s about two radicalized Muslim-Americans, instructed by al Qaeda online, and probably assisted by co-conspirators. But the left is making it about gun control, about NRA obstructionism, about America herself alienating immigrants, about whites “otherizing” Muslim innocents, about any message that furthers their nihilistic agendas, because the left knows how to never lose control of the narrative – a lesson the right would do well to absorb and emulate.
  • If Right Wingers are still flogging “The War in Iraq” they should know that the War in Iraq was a total and utter sham and killed close to a million Muslims through our naivety (I am feeling generous). By comparison all those attacks were relatively minor.
  • And we can easily combine the various “going postal” murders and there would be more deaths there than the small “massacres”. Yet we aren’t discussing the disarmament of “White Men” who are responsible for the majority of spree shootings. Yet we don’t declare white men to be the problem. We talk about how these “good boys” went astray.
  • If the Boston Bombing is about Islam then the Wisconsin Sikh Gurudwara massacre is about Christianity.

Al-Qaeda is not Islam anymore than Erid Rudolf is representative of Christianity as a whole. There are radical ideologies that poison the minds of Muslims and those must be fought both through communication and by taking a stance that involves Muslims in cleaning up Islam.

Not by braying like a stuck donkey about all Muslims furthering Nihilistic Agendas because frankly their agenda has little difference from the Christian one.


  1. says

    We can also see the difference between McVeigh and other Scottish people

    Next you’ll be trying to tell us that Mc Veigh was No True Scotsman :-P

  2. Ulysses says

    You have to admire how, when it comes to pushing their agendas, the American left stays relentlessly on point.

    The American right admires this tactic so much they’ve adopted it for their own use.

  3. slc1 says

    Not all the Islam bashers are on the right. Sam Harris and Jerry Coyne are on the left.

  4. Erik Jensen says

    I can’t figure out why right wingers think that the leftists and Muslims are in some sort of secret alliance. If anybody could clarify this for me, I’d appreciate it. I do have a few observations:
    1) Leftists think that Muslims have rights under the Constitution: freedom of religion including building mosques where churches are allowed, the right to due process, no cruel or unusual punishment, etc.
    2) Leftists don’t want to attack Muslim countries that don’t attack or imminently threaten us.
    3) Since right wingers hate both leftists and Muslims, they assume that they are on the same side.
    4) I also frequently hear from right wingers that if I really cared about gay rights (which I do), then I would do everything I could to oppress Muslims. Since I don’t advocate rounding up, wiretapping, and deporting Muslims, I am being naive about”creeping Sharia”.

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