Greg Ball – Torture

This kind of caught my attention this morning because I have been poking around the aftermath of the various political talking heads out there.

And Greg Ball caught my eye with his spectacularly bad idea.

Greg  Ball seems to have gained his personality by aping a Chuck Norris joke and learnt policy making through episodes of 24 and the West Wing. Apparently  this is par for “his course”.

Firstly? Torture doesn’t work. The fact that John McCain exists within the Republican party is a testament to the uselessness of torture. Why doesn’t it work? Because the quality of answer is unknown. The person could lie, or tell the truth or make things up in response to the torture or simply not give away real information. All torture does is create antipathy and hate. Even in the “War on Terror” ™ there was no indication that torture works. In fact, Greg here is thinking that pistol whipping a suspect somehow gives you information rather than an injured suspect and maybe a broken gun. In John McCain’s case the only thing torture managed to achieve was make it hard to put a shirt on unaided.

Secondly? It’s back to that “Aping Chuck Norris” joke. It’s like Greg has seen the ‘Merica Sub-Reddit and assumed that the face of ‘Merica is uneducated, short sighted and revenge laden. What are you going to get from torturing this guy? Fuck Nothing. That’s what. Proper detective work and construction of crime scenes capture the suspect. Not torture. Because the problem with torture is that it’s a slippery slope. Because Greg Ball thinks legalised torture is only for muslims. And that innocent people are never arrested.

Thirdly? It’s not going to save lives. It just makes it look like the government is willing to harm someone you don’t like in order to claim to keep you safe. It’s a revenge fantasy.

Lastly? It’s a call for the torture of a 19 year old citizen of the USA. Like it or  not the problem here is that this is DOMESTIC terrorism. It’s highly immoral and probably highly illegal and sets a precedence. A dangerous one where torture of Americans is acceptable.

Dear Americans, please vote for intelligent people. When you vote for men such as Greg Ball to lead you then you elect men who have no grasp of what the repercussions of their actions mean. They are short sighted and espouse violence at the drop of a hat.

They should not be in charge of the law.


  1. didgen says

    At least the responses all appear to be from people that I don’t mind sharing the planet with.

  2. slc1 says

    Torture is good for extracting false confessions, for extracting information, not so much.

  3. Dubitojeff says

    I believe you weaken the case against torture when you seek to say that it does not work. I would suggest that it has worked many times over history. Like crime scene reconstruction, like eye witness testimony, like all investigative techniques, it will sometimes fail. But it can and has worked. We should not even open the door to considerations that how well it works matters.

    Torture is wrong because none of us should want to live in a world where treating our fellow human beings in that fashion is ever acceptable. There are a number of philosophical routes to that conclusion, but they all mean that torture is wildly unacceptable. All humanist considerations aside, in the United States it violates our Constitution.
    I believe these are the arguments we should rely on.

  4. BionicWoman says

    Actually Avi is pretty spot on when he says it doesn’t work. You can’t weaken your argument if your argument is true.

    To Avi, I wish we had smart people to elect! It seems more and more voting here has become a “lesser of two evils” conundrum. :(

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