2 Weeks

There is something I have been waiting for more than anything over the past year.

I don’t have much in my life. I am pretty lonely here. Most of the people I am around are either too old or too young. Despite the assumption that our culture is the same there are massive differences between us. India is as Alien to me as it is to You.

But through it all, over the last year there has been one thing that’s been driving me forwards.

And in Two Weeks I get to see her again.

Start the Clock.


  1. says

    2 weeks is not very long, really – not even an eyeblink in geological time. I hope you two have a great time together!

    What’s the castle in the background?

  2. A Hermit says

    This makes me happy. Our 29th anniversary is later this spring…and I’m still a sucker for a good love story.

  3. sc_06fa8fa5ed3ee5ad494ea30c78fb4224 says

    I’ve always maintained that love is the only real “magic” in the world. Best wishes :)

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