TrueU – Because Education challenges Superstition

Focus on the Family’s got a new plan.

Basically? University and College is pretty poor for “faith” in dogmatic religions. There is little to no onus to keep going to a church and you are suddenly thrown into a mixing bowl of people who are nothing like the small groups you are used to and all this broadens your horizons.

And makes you doubt all the nonsense that fundie christian organisations flog to you. I mean, it’s rather hard to believe in a 6000 year old planet when there’s a Hindu in the next room. In addition? You actually learn things and are taught skills and imparted education that challenges the dogma and ignorance of faith.

So Focus on Family has a series called “TrueU” which is designed to combat the horrific plague of knowledge sweeping across universities while claiming that scientific developments point to the existence of Jehovah (the Christian one… not the Jewish one).

And I have some things to inform them about.

  • Does a god exist is not a big question. If we are asking such a question in seriousness then it is not a testament to our depth but an adult enquiring about the existence of Santa Claus. A bigger question is “What’s the cause of Autism”. Arguing over the existence of a god is like arguing over the existence of a god you don’t believe in. If we had classes to discuss the existence of Shiva, the good people from Focus on Family would scoff at it as if it were a fairy tale yet we are to take their Jehovah seriously.
  • Who is god? What? I thought you knew it was Jehovah. If you don’t know which god is out there then you may have to eat humble pie after killing off all of the Smoking Mirror’s worshippers. No Mictlan for you, only paths of obsidian.
  • If we are looking at it from the standpoint of Evidence then there is none for Jehovah.
  • The people keep using the world “logic” in a way that’s completely alien to its definition in the Oxford English Dictionary. Logic doesn’t mean “imagine an entity outside the universe with limitless power to break all known laws of physics but hates lesbians”.
  • Again, the when Focus on Family uses the word “Reason” I am surprised their tongues don’t strangle them in rebellion at such gratuitous misuse of the language.
  • I kind of missed that. I kind of came to atheism on my own. New atheism is just people being more pro-active about their atheism and not shrinking from fisticuffs with people flogging bullshit like this. We still don’t believe in any gods. I never ever believed in Jehovah. He is a silly god.
  • I am out of touch with the most current developments in science. Have we proved Jehovah exists? Surely there is a Nobel prize for Dr. Meyer who’s claim is that science has proven the existence of a deity.
  • The mere existence of Bethlehem doesn’t mean Jesus existed anymore than the existence of the Pyramids prove that the Pharaoh’s were gods. There is no archaelogical evidence for Jehovah any more than there is archeological evidence for the Smoking Mirror and Tlaloc.
  • The Bible is so accurate through archeology in the same way that the Ramayana, Mahabaratha, Koran and Harry Potter is.
  • Kepler had to dance through extraordinary hoops to prove a geo-centric world against the prevailing view of a heliocentric world of the Bible and to claim that Galileo was “pro-Christianity” is to fail history.
  • If you claim that Jehovah is at the beginning you better provide some evidence my good man or else everything that’s come out of your mouth is not education.
  • At no point did people ever consider the visible cell as “simple”. It was considered as amazingly complex and wonderful. And the name “cell” comes from the view in a plant as the walls are thick and rigid like that of a “Cell”. Later they found out that animal cells were membrane based rather than cellulose wall based.
  • If we are to assume god created the cell then we are to agree that god created HIV and Leprosy and Smallpox and is less benevolent than Stephen Meyer thinks he is. If there exists a god who created these things then clearly he is a god of the bacteria.
  • Self assembling structures exist in nature. To ignore the existence of them is to be frightful ignorant of even the most basic chemistry since ice is one of the most common self assembling regular structure that we know off in the form of snow.
  • Who Put the Message in the DNA is precisely the sort of question that TrueU thinks is a “Gotcha”. The very message in DNA is evidence of evolution since it’s the same message with few minor changes from prokaryotes (Simple cells) to Eukaryotes (complex).

Dr. Stephen Meyer should remember that Intelligent Design has been ruled as “Bunk” and “Creationism in a Lab Coat” by pretty much everyone. If we are to teach the “Controversy” in our Biology Labs then we must also teach the “Controversy” from your pulpits. It’s only fair…

TrueU represents yet another program designed to “Stupidify” Children.

Children are stupid and gullible. It’s a survival trait. They are born knowing nothing and believe everything we tell them. If we tell them to not eat the red mushroom with the white spots they believe us and if we tell them that they should cut their foreskins off so that god can recognise them (because it’s the divine ID card!) they will believe us. It’s how they survive in the wild.

It’s also how we pass on our superstitions. Setting out new material specifically designed by well meaning parents to help keep their kid from being “Lost” is just a smokescreen designed to re-ignite the old Creationist Wars of the 90s where some of us cut our teeth. Except we won there.

And we never stopped to rest on our laurels. Science never stops because we don’t know everything. Religion stopped 2000 years ago because it declared that tiny book to be the sum total of all human knowledge that was of any importance.

Your Bible is looking awfully small. Maybe if you got it in Large Print?

Your Bible is looking awfully small. Maybe if you got it in Large Print?

That’s not even close to the sum total of MY knowledge base (I don’t have my anatomy textbooks in there) or even close to the total sum of all medical knowledge. If we thought like the Christians we would still be throwing out people with vitiligo from tribes and sacrificing goats to appease gods instead of telling them it’s nothing but an auto-immune disease.

The stack of books is nearly 3 feet tall if I had my anatomy text books in there. The Bible doesn’t even come up to the first book.

If this is the second “war” between Creationists and us then I shall only assume that it’s occurring because there is no more Hitchens to scare them off.


  1. says

    Hello to all, the contents present at this site are actually awesome for people experience,
    well, keep up the nice work fellows.

  2. No One says

    “Children are stupid and gullible. It’s a survival trait.”

    But the ones that question authority early on… Ah the little gems.

  3. deltamachina says

    The Culture Industry – The Ideology of Death


  4. kraut says

    “The stack of books is nearly 3 feet tall if I had my anatomy text books in there. The Bible doesn’t even come up to the first book.”

    By that measure my degree in agrology outweighs yours – and the bible by a vast amount.
    My stack of books of biology, physiology, anatomy. chemistry, biochemistry, physics, animal husbandry in europe and tropical countries, crop production both in europe and in tropical countries, geography, soil science and soil conservation, irrigation, geology, veterinary medicine, material science etc. is about 9′ high.
    And that in only eight semesters.

  5. thumper1990 says

    Agrology sounds like a degree in “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”.

    Kraut, JATMN

  6. jdguil says

    “Kepler had to dance through extraordinary hoops to prove a geo-centric world against the prevailing view of a heliocentric world of the Bible and to claim that Galileo was “pro-Christianity” is to fail history.”

    You got this backwards. The bible is geocentric (earth centered). Kepler and Galileo proved the heliocentric (sun centered) model.

  7. slc1 says

    Re jdguil @ #7

    Agreed but Copernicus proposed a heliocentric solar system before Galileo and Kepler.

    Re Avicenna

    I wasn’t aware that Christian churches referred to god as Jehovah (or Yahweh).

  8. kraut says

    “Agrology sounds like a degree in “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”. ”

    Yes, because to grow food in all kinds of environments economically and with success you need a broad base of knowledge to identify all the conditions properly that have a bearing on production.
    It does not make you a specialist, it makes you a problem solver.

  9. John Horstman says

    I’ll raise you all my several bookshelves of texts from biology, sociology, anthropology, psychology, literary studies, communications, economics, linguistics, populations geography, media studies, political theory, global studies, rhetoric, feminist theory, and queer theory that I’ve gone through in pursuit of a Women’s Studies degree (transdisciplinary fields cast a pretty wide net, though we admittedly don’t delve as deeply into most particular subjects as people within the discipline; psychology, sociology, anthropology, and literary studies form the core of gender studies, while the other areas mentioned tend to come into play more incidentally). :-)

    Really, though, I’m not terribly invested in the size of my… stack of books. It’s obvious to all of us that the Christian Bible is a poor excuse for the most important knowledge of humanity. It can’t even compete with a general encyclopedia.

    @8: “Jehovah” is the common Romanticized transliteration of the tetragrammaton (most probably most-accurately-transliterated into English as “Yahweh”, though the exact vowel sounds are a contentious subject of debate). The “J” there was pronounced as it is in most European languages that use the Latin alphabet, as an English “Y” sound, though the spelling was lifted wholesale into English, with the pronunciation following the spelling. “God” or “The Lord” are the most common ways to refer to Yahweh in the USA, though Jehovah is still sometimes used as the Christian god’s proper name (it’s being replaced by “Yahweh” to some extent, as in the Colbert Report recurring segment “Yahweh or No Way”).

  10. John Horstman says

    Also @8: I’m not really familiar with language trends around the name of the Christian god in other English-speaking countries, as I’m here in USA (note: I’ve taken to dropping the definite article from my use of “USA” and pronouncing it as a single word, as though “oosah” is the proper name of my country – it’s an old anthropology joke made most famous by David Macaulay in Motel of the Mysteries, which is a fairly brilliant critique of the tendency toward cultural projection and fallacious conjecture exhibited by uncritical anthropologists and against which we all must guard).

  11. Kimpatsu says

    The people keep using the world “logic” in a way that’s completely alien to it’s definition in the Oxford English Dictionary.
    Oh, for the sake of a non-existent god, Avi! Learn to use the apostrophe correctly! “…alien to IT IS definition”?! Really?!

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