A Voice for Me – Retraction and why it’s not acceptable

It’s expected that sometimes you make mistakes while writing things. Sometimes it’s a joke that you phrased wrong or didn’t think about. Sometimes you reported on things incorrectly and sometimes you held view points that were incorrect.

I did it with the Sunil Triparthi piece. Where I believed faulty news stories in India rather than utilise proper valid news sources as I normally do. I made comments on Facebook wondering what would cause such a young man to do so such things and I am sorry for that. I apologised to the family in question and am still supporting their quest to find their son. (PS. If you wish to help them out, links are in my post).

But Paul Elam’s A Voice for Men and the MRAs of reddit have done something unacceptable and indeed dangerous.

It is expected in publishing news stories that you are occasionally going to get something wrong. In that case, a retraction is a necessary and responsible follow-up.

If only that were the case.

Some back story. A while back some feminist blogger admitted to trashing applicants who were white and male while working in admissions office. We don’t know her name, but Elam alleged to.

This was posted up on Reddit (which for every piece of sublime information seems to provide two of fuckwankery and tossweaselry of the highest order) and the MRA machine began to work in over time to find out why and who did this. Other MRA sites and conspiracy theory groups adopted it and started postulating on who she was.

Well, Reddit’s infamous arm chair detectives claimed it was a woman called Arianna Pattek. And guess what that means.

It’s harassment time!

That is the case now with my coverage of the story on Georgetown University and a woman who allegedly worked in the admissions office and who self-disclosed on a blog that she had disposed of applications based on sex and race.

Except Arianna Pattek like Sunil Triparthi turned out to NOT be the person involved. In fact she was an undergraduate there at the time and would have had literally no say in such activities.

That in this case a simple fucking retraction isn’t sufficient because you are the person directly involved in making this young lady’s life a misery. You cannot weasel yourself out of this mate. You got to eat humble fucking pie and you need to eat it properly.

Reddit stepped in to smack the MRAs there with a “Your Doxxing bullshit is against the rules of Reddit” but the damage was done. You ran the fucking moronic story. I at least didn’t RUN my stupid story. I waited for confirmation on mine. I made sure. I didn’t go off half baked because I know what would happen. I didn’t want to be responsible for anger and hate towards Sunil’s family.

Paul Elam simply didn’t give a fuck. He found a target and jumped on it with both of his weasely feet and then looks surprised when he attacked an innocent woman.

In hindsight it is apparent that I was too fast on the trigger in establishing a connection between the blogger who claimed to have sabotaged the applications and that of a former student at Georgetown. While there is circumstantial evidence that does connect the two, and many unanswered questions, there is nothing that makes that connection a verifiable certainty.

Georgetown University released a statement stating that Ms. Pattek was an undergraduate and therefore there is no circumstantial evidence that connects Ms. Pattek to this mystery blogger. There are no unanswered questions. You may try to make it seem that there is an air of mystery over this link but there simply isn’t any link. Ms. Pattek is a undergraduate student and has nothing to do with the University of Georgetown’s academic or career selection in the same way that the customer of McDonalds doesn’t get to hire the staff.

And when people tried to defend her you called them Liars and White Knights (what does that mean? Does that make MRA’s Dragons?).

It was a mistake on my part for which I apologize to the woman in question, and to any readers who felt they were misled. The original article naming her has been updated with a link to this retraction and her name has been redacted from the article. I am also removing all comments to the article and closing them to make sure no references to her are made.

But the damage is done. The lie spread between multiple sites including one rather more sinister one.

The Stormfront ran with it (Linking to proof of it)…

Let’s just say the stellar young gentlemen and ladies behind the Stormfront are not known for their particular grasp on reality nor are they known for their taste in role models or actions online. Judging from personal experience, I know for a fact that giving them her real name would cause her to be harassed and for that Reddit’s MRA brigade needs to be terribly ashamed and Paul Elam’s letter is simply trying to smokescreen his involvement. He simply cannot grasp the seriousness of what he has done.

Arriana’s information was posted on the Stormfront and she has been subject to threats. They also know where she lives. You are complicit in the abuse she received.

I also want to make it clear that this retraction does not mean that AVFM is abandoning its investigation into the validity of the claims made about trashing university applications based on sex and race. Additionally, we are not done with concerns about the university itself, whose unusual and somewhat cryptic manner of responding to this story leaves more questions than answers.

Don’t quit your day job.

It’s a bad sign when even the Neo-Nazis manage to produce members of superior journalistic rigour than your stupid arse. How stupid?

This is what David Duke said. The very same KKK David Duke.

This doesn’t look authentic to me. A lot of signs point to it as someone who is trying to be satirical in pointing out the evil of Jewish privilege and and anti-White racism. Can anybody track down the origin of this. I sure wouldn’t use it as proof of anti-White bias, as I don’t think it is authentic and when hoaxes are exposed they backfire.

David fucking Duke has better grasp of journalistic integrity than Paul Elam.

And he isn’t the only person there who thinks that way.

In fact, while this story had already been posted to several high traffic areas of the internet, we did not take an interest in it until it became apparent that Georgetown University was moving, without explanation, to remove all references to her from their websites. That sparked interest here because they did so without any attempt to refute the claims of the internet story.

Georgetown University removed references to her name because the young lady in question was being harassed by Neo Nazis and MRA and no one wants to deal with either of these two groups.

Paul Elam is not “sorry” he fucked over someone’s life. In fact he has promised that A Voice For Me and their brigade of chumps will keep trying to “dox” someone despite being proven to comprehensively suck at it.

Let’s get this straight…

Destruction of College Applications is a crime if it’s not done through the correct process of selection committees. Which is also why selection committees are important. Because one person is not in charge of anything. Not one PhD student let alone an undergrad. Who ever this woman making this claim is highly dubious because college applications are so heavily policed.

And that’s what tripped off the alarm bells in a lot of people in believing her story. Yes some times there are unbelievable stories out there (I know Ed Brayton raised his eyebrows spectacularly when I mentioned that the hospital I work at saw 1400 odd patients in a day. I may go get photos of our record board to mollify him…) but honestly this one seems a bit made up.

Yes there are the so called “Radfem” bunch out there and here is the thing. Those people are wankers too. They believe in a harmful view too. And frankly we don’t like them either.

But they don’t have a voice in major society. We go back to the analogy of Nation of Islam vs. the Tea Party. What NOI espouses is demonstrably more harmful than the Tea Party on paper. However in reality the Tea Party’s more mainstream appeal means that they are taken more seriously.

In this case the Radfems are heavily sidelined because they are “quite mad” IMHO however MRAs relatively less vile spiel is infinitely more harmful because a lot of people in mainstream society have similar views.


  1. says

    In this case the Radfems are heavily sidelined because they are “quite mad” IMHO however MRAs relatively less vile spiel

    I disagree that the MRAs are “relatively less vile”. They are both pretty much equally vile, but the radfems at least have most of human history and much of the world today to at least give some excuse for their radicalization (not excusing how radical they are, just putting it in context).

  2. alliecat says

    To clarify: radfems have no power when they’re aligned *against* the dominant forces (patriarchy), ie they have no power against men. They do however have power when they form *part* of the dominant forces (cissupremacy) against trans people.

  3. maudell says

    Yup. “Men’s Human Rights Activists” alright.
    I read the story on manboobz, and I just can’t believe so many people think the blog is real. Actually, last time I checked the comments on Elam’s bullshit apology, many thought it was still her, and that Elam retracted for legal reasons. Also, most people are praising him for his great “integrity”. Bloggers, people who know Pattek and the University sent him tons of evidence showing that it was *not* her, and it took him two days to “retract” it. Pathetic.

    I guess I don’t know for sure that the blog is a hoax. People sifted through all the Georgetown theses from 2012, and none of them resemble the “feminist conservative” blog. The blog had a relatively short span, and one of the first is a warning that MRAs are trying to mimic feminists. She warns that if someone sounds too good to be true, it could be an MRA posing as a feminist. As if a feminist would think MRAs can imitate feminists well. (maybe with a pro-sperm jacking post?)

    It just doesn’t pass the Turing test. I also don’t believe someone with such poor writing skills have a PhD at Georgetown.

    Finally, some MRAs think the blog was a hoax made to make MRAs look bad! Maybe to sue them! http://manboobz.com/2013/04/22/why-havent-mens-rights-activists-turned-on-paul-elam-for-falsely-accusing-arianna-pattek-of-civil-rights-violations/

  4. says

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