The Final Insult to Steubenville’s Rape Victim

The two young men who played football have had their promising careers ended by the gold digging bitch that is the rape victim…

That was the word on the lips of many people who saw her as a slut who got what was coming to her. There was a genuine feeling that these two young men’s lives were ruined for a “silly mistake” by some harlot.

Rather than the fact that these two young boys raped a young girl either because

  • They were considered “hot shit” and could get away with anything so assumed the laws didn’t apply to them
  • They didn’t consider what they did to be rape and accepted she had given consent
  • Both of the above.

The fact of the matter is either these two young men were “horrible human beings” or “poorly educated and from a culture where they were told that they were told that they can do things like this”.

But there was one important part of that entire debacle of humanity.

These are children. This is sad that this happened and is indicative of deep problems within the community. But Children aren’t smart. We were all kids once and the point of being a kid is that we are for all intents and purposes not very smart and prone to making foolish mistakes. Some of us make fewer mistakes than others and that often boils down to proper parenting and adult role models.

The rivalry between schools was seen as the driving force in such an attack. The entire point of the attack on this young girl was to degrade and denigrate and to humiliate. The irony was that Judgy Bitch’s article which I linked earlier spoke of this victim as some sort of gold digger. She was raped because she TURNED DOWN a footballer. Because she said no before and was “there”.

I have heard and seen this sort of behaviour before. In Afghanistan where tribal warfare occurs and among different castes in a state of caste warfare. Rape to despoil and harm. And this was no different.

At no point did any adults weigh into this. These young men were not taught the basics of how to behave around women and lived in a culture that glorified a stupid sport to the point that grown adults were willing to cheat the goddamn law in order for children to play a game. Do you even realise how fucking insane that sounds to someone who plays sports and loves sport? I don’t think we should encourage players who behave badly off the pitch and they should be held accountable for their behaviour because despite their claims, they ARE role models. The point of school is to teach you the skills you need in life and this school only taught these young men to do what they feel like because they play a sport well and to treat women poorly.

Adults. Grown Men and Women did this. This would have been a simple case of bad children if not for the adults trying to protect the boys from their deserved punishment. The young men were not dropped from the team. They instead were considered “heroes” and  the young girl a “slut”. People harassed the young girl and any of her supporters.

And at all times the young men were still allowed to play. In particular we have to look at Reno Saccoccia. The man responsible for running “Big Red Foottball” and the man who not only allowed the accused in a rape trial to keep playing but also helped keep these boys playing for longer. Reno here didn’t REPORT a known admission of gang rape and bullying.

A lot of people said “That’s because he cared for the boys” and to them I say “Fuck No”. If he cared for the boys he would have thrown them out of the team. What? Football is more important than behaving properly? It’s really quite simple here. Reno didn’t kick them off the team because he had no principles and wanted to keep winning. So he didn’t care about the rape of a young girl. He didn’t care about their futures enough to try and create a positive environment.

What he cared about was winning a children’s game. That’s what all the adults here cared about. They didn’t care about what they taught these two boys. They didn’t care about the girl. They cared about football.

Priorities are important.


  1. Scr... Archivist says

    These situations remind me of “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”, which is a short story by Ursula K. LeGuin. If you have not read it, I recommend it.

  2. thumper1990 says

    The fact of the matter is either these two young men were “horrible human beings” or “poorly educated and from a culture where they were told that they were told that they can do things like this”.

    I see no reason why it can’t be both, even if the former is a product of the latter.

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