Lack of a god is mental illness

There is a long history of trying to equate atheism with mental illness and it’s the same across the world.

There is an unusual caveat to the medical definition of Delusion. It doesn’t apply to religious belief. If you believe that you are at the centre of a vast conspiracy you are delusional. If you believe you are at the centre of a vast battle for the fate of the universe itself then you are perfectly sane.

But it’s a contentious subject and an in-joke as the majority of people believe in a god. So for large periods of time, not believing in a god was considered quite “mad”.

This argument repeatedly raises it’s head.

Turkish Sociologist Fehmi Kaya has claimed that all Autistic children were atheists due to a lack of a “section of faith” in their brains. And the corollary applied too. That Atheism was a form of autism.

“Autistic children do not know believing in God because they do not have a section of faith in their brains,” Kaya said, according to daily Milliyet.

Which is why we apparently don’t know how to pray or believe in the gods. And that we need to create this sort of awareness of faith through therapy in order to “create areas of faith”.

As you can see the well known “Faith” area of the brain.

Kaya believes that we (and autistic kids) need to understand that there is a creator (with no evidence of one what so ever) to whom people pray (which doesn’t work) and believe in (but not the wrong creator!).

It’s a worrying symptom of the the creeping Islamicisation of Turkey and the creeping erosion of the secular values.


  1. says

    What happens if an atheist converts to christianity? Are they suddenly cured? How does that work? What if they deconvert back? Methinks Fehmi Kaya is talking out of his posterior.

  2. says

    Avery – There’s also the fun experiments where electromagnetic stimulation of certain brain areas give the perception of being in a great presence.

    Perhaps the religious are just epileptics. :D

  3. s b dragoo says

    I’m not seeing the “faith area” in the diagram above…. perhaps it is located closer to the exit point of the digestive tract than the areas covered in the diagram??

  4. ah58 says

    “I’m not seeing the “faith area” in the diagram above….”

    That’s because you don’t have faith that it’s there.

  5. Corvus illustris says

    Perhaps the religious are just epileptics.

    Or Fehmi Kaya has the scientific credentials of the average phrenologist.

    Wikipedia gives a list of Christian religious figures who exhibited symptoms of seizure (e.g., Paul on the road to Damascus). There are also conjectures about Mohammed.

  6. MaryL says

    I have a seizure disorder. i was an atheist before it developed and remain an atheist now. But, weird things can go on during a seizure. Had one at the doctor’s office. I kept repeating, “I’m alright. I’m alright.” I have no memory of speaking during that seizure but believe the doctor and her staff.

  7. Pierce R. Butler says

    Does anyone have any info (from a more reliable source than Fehmi Kaya) about correlations, if any, between aut- and athe- ism?

  8. cubist says

    sez wmdkitty:

    Ugh. Why are religious delusions somehow considered “not really delusions”?

    Because when a crazy idea is shared by 80% of the population, there can be awkward consequences if you call it crazy.

  9. ZIly P. says

    As a person with moderate Asperger’s, I’m technically one of the “autism spectrum” people.
    My questions are:
    1) How did Kaya ascertain that autistic people “have no faith”? What research was done, and was that research replicable? Or is this merely an assumption?
    2) How does Kaya define “God”, and for that matter, “faith”? Is “faith” just automatically and blindly accepting the word of anyone who merely claims to “speak for God”? And by “God”, does he mean *only and exclusively* the version that describes “God” as some bi-polar cranky old unkempt fart who shows “love” by torturing people (Job) and telling them to kill their own kids, and murder everyone, even all the children and animals, is the village of an “enemy”?

    Personally, I think that if Kaya merely made assumptions, and defines “faith” and “God” in the ways described above, then the only person missing part of their brain is Kaya himself.

  10. Anonymous says

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