Not the Ducks! – Pam Stenzel

Katelyn Campbell was the vice president of the Student Body at George Washington High School.

Pam Stenzel is a Christian agony aunt type lady who gives out really bad sexual health advice and is an advocate of “Abstinence only Education” which to me is like “Endeavour to not Got Sick” as a method of disease prevention.

Let’s get this straight. When you educate any group of people about sex education and contraception the first thing you tell people is this. If you have sex you stand the chance of getting pregnant. The stupid thing to get from this statement is not “Don’t Have Sex” but “USE PROTECTION”. You stand the chance of dying in a car accident if you drive. The stupid thing to get here is “Don’t Drive” not “Wear Seatbelts, follow the rules and don’t drink”.

Well Pam Stenzel was invited to speak at GW High School (GWHS) to speak on sex education and Ms. Campbell stood against this invite. And she alleges that her Principal threatened to call the college (Wellesley) she is planning to attend to report that she has “bad character”. Considering my knowledge of Wellesley? They would probably give her a fucking scholarship.

Pam Stenzel has a terrible approach to teen sexuality not just for her abstinence only education but also the inflammatory fear mongering that is designed to terrify teenagers of each others genitals. And worse, she uses arguments that make “no sense” to an adult but are terrifying to a kid. At GWHS she told students that the usage of birth control indicates that their mother hates them. She also mentioned that Pam Stenzel has the mystical ability to detect people who are “promiscuous”. Because if you are going to bullshit about condoms being unsafe and that every instance of sexual contact will lead to a sexually transmitted disease then you may as well claim that your super power is “detecting sluts”.

Well Campbell refused to attend this event of bad medical advice which was funded by a conservative religious organisation called “Believe in West Virginia” and advertised the event as “God’s plan for sexual purity”. She instead filed a complaint with the ACLU (America Civil Liberties Union) and began to speak out about her objections to the school sponsored events. Campbell claims her presentations are designed to make students uncomfortable and are tantamount to slut shaming. Well the principal didn’t see anything wrong with bringing religion into the school saying that “The only way to guarantee safety is abstinence. Sometimes, that can be a touchy topic, but I was not offended by her.”. Which is amusing since it’s like suggesting the only way to not get killed in a car accident is to stay at home. But you are more likely to be murdered by a loved one! OH NO! RISKS!

The Principal then responded after she spoke to the press with “How would you feel if I called your college and told them what bad character you have and what a backstabber you are?” driving Campbell to tears by threatening her future in exchange for his personal agenda and to prevent her receiving any support from other students who may suffer in the same way.

The injunction will protect her freedom of speech and help provide better sexual health. West Virginia has the 9th Highest Teen Pregnancy rate and Pam Stenzel’s invite doesn’t help. Real education is vital to such teenagers. The Principal was a big fan of abstinence only education and even banned the school nurse from providing proper advice on obstetric and gynaecology care and she was banned from telling girls about contraception and abortion services.

This is a problematic trend where figures such as Stenzel are considered as appropriate providers of medical advice. Pam Stenzel gives young teenagers bad healthcare advice with many millions across the world viewing her videos. She repeatedly tells kids that basic contraception isn’t safe. She uses pseudo-science and religious arguments to not use contraception as if it were hard science. By the age of 18 it is estimated that 60 percent of young adults are misinformed about birth control’s effectiveness and some of those people choose not to use it because they assume it won’t make any difference. States that lack proper sex ed have the highest rate Predictably, the states that lack adequate sex ed requirements are also the states that have the highest rates of teen pregnancy and STDs.

Amusingly enough? Wellesley College has responded to the threats that being anti-Pam Stenzel will cause Katelyn Campbell to lose her spot there by guaranteeing her the seat. Because a “liberal women’s arts college” was going to back the slut shaming abortionist.



  1. sherri says

    It’s my mission to bring the witch down. My son attended that RANT at GW. Many links on “Friends of Katelyn Campbell” Facebook page. Parents were not notified. One brave teacher brave enough to clue Katelyn in. Many furious parents on each side. Religious right are screaming that it wasn’t religious and it didn’t cross that line. Many more are screaming that this was unacceptable and we want Aulenbacher fired, for his decision to have that crazy lady talk to our kids and for the way he threatened Katelyn. It’s a damn zoo! And, to top it off, the board member’s husband, Becky Jordan, helped finance that woman’s talk!!! We want her off of the board as well.

  2. Rob says

    “Don’t Have Sex” but “USE PROTECTION”. You stand the chance of dying in a car accident if you drive. The stupid thing to get here is “Don’t Drive” not “Wear Seatbelts, follow the rules and don’t drink”. – Except that driving a car and having sex are totally different emotional and physically. Make a point but don’t make useless analogies.

    Journal of Adolescent Health Volume 50, Issue 3, March 2012, “Adolescents who engage in sex can be affected by a range of negative physical and psychological consequences.”

    This is really a clash of world views.
    One (today’s mind set) says “Problem? Don’t worry son or daughter, you are human (which really means “if it feels good go for it”), science will come to your rescue!!”

    The other world view “Problem? Well son or daughter…you have to have courage, self control, discipline, and honour”.

    I’ll go with the second for my kids.

  3. BeLaTeD says

    I am amazed at these people who act like Pam is preaching COMPLETE nonsense.
    You act as though abstinence is the WORST thing someone could be asked to partake in. It’s not a big deal. Most of her statements are indeed backed up with fact, even personal experience. To say she is scaring these kids just for her message to stick is ludicrous. She is telling them the truth of these things.
    I know what someone reading this might be thinking: SHE’S BASING IT ALL ON HER JACKED UP RELIGOUS BELIEFS AND LEAVING THESE GIGANTIC POT HOLES IN EVERYTHING SHE SAYS! Well, she isn’t. First of all, yes, her reason to stay abstinent is based on the “Lord up Above”, but that’s kind of who the message is being directed to: people who follow the word of God. Again, someone might say: I FOLLOW GOD AND I STILL THINK PAM NEEDS TO SHUT UP. What she is saying is meant for those who CARE, even for those who don’t feel the need to stay a virgin to at least know the dangers. Secondly, the things that she “leaves out” or “‘forgets’ to mention” are things that any person with the capability of thought can pretty much infer. For example, ‘she talks about men like they’re disease ridden users who should be avoided at all costs’. NO. She simply states the riskiness of affiliation with those kinds of men. Let me emphasize that, THOSE KINDS OF MEN. Never did she say all of them. She even gave the good men out there shout outs. She is also not trying to play the medical pro, she is advising a lifestyle. Though backed up with medical statistics she is not telling you to use or not to use protection for sex. As a matter of fact, NOT AT ALL. Why? Because she is supporting her cause on abstinence which is a lifestyle choice, not a biased treatment for AIDS.
    Pam even mentions how she can’t and is not capable of making you follow her word. Only you are. So only you can allow yourself to be affected by the things she says. I know the audience she is telling these things to are impressionable (teens and young adults) and might not have that capability of tuning her out. If someone were confused and would REALLY like to know how they should go about their life and aren’t stupid enough to go with what just one person said then they should go to trusted adults for advice or places more certified to give credible insight.
    I do think that inviting Pam to a public school is an example that should not be followed again, but I think that despite the religious stuff, her point on the reality of the topic is pretty much spot on. I am not being religious about this because what she said was true. Though her approach may seem to some a little demanding or threatening, I feel that telling someone to not do anything until they’re married is NOT telling them to jump off a bridge. By telling them the dangers and the risks is NOT frightening them into submission. It’s just giving them a sense of caution when dealing with these matters.
    I don’t agree with anyone who dehumanizes people because they’re active, It shouldn’t matter as long as you are a decent person, but for those people who are calling Pam some corrupting witch need to calm down. Why is it such a big deal to be asked to NOT have sex? You don’t need sex to be happy, nor to live (aside from procreation of course) so why bother getting your nickers in a bunch? You’re getting mad over nothing. Live your life how you see fit. There will always be people handing you out their idealisms but you should always follow what you think is best. The woman has good intentions, really, she does, and neither I nor anyone aside from those who know her personally can say she’s some kind of hypocrite or whatever else when you base it on only one part of her character. There is always more to someone (as well as their cause) that you can’t know all about in one meeting or viewing of their lifestyles. It’s as stupid as hating someone with only the knowledge that they’re sexually active.


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