Satan’s 10 Commandments to the Homosexual Lobby

Imagine this. Only a lot more Satanic.

Today’s juxtaposition of the invocation of Satan and the shady and nefarious (and fabulous) Homosexual Agenda is Paul Kokoski from Renew America and it’s a list! So let’s break it up and laugh at the so called 10 Commandments of Satan (to the GLBT Agenda).

The Bible tells us that Satan has the ability to “appear as an angel of light.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the radical attempt to promote homosexuality in society today as something good. For the purpose of deceiving Mankind and destroying souls, Satan has thus given the homosexual lobby the following 10 commandments.

I am confused. Since when have we been promoting homosexuality as something good? At no point in my life do I recall people telling me that “I am such a Straight” and that all that vagina I am sexually interested in is just gross and unnatural. I have never had to chant “I am here, I refuse to wait; That’s mainly because I am bloody straight!” in marches where I dress up in stereotypical straight outfits to be accepted by society.

When I play online no one insults me with “Straight”.

That’s an awfully big fantasy you got there. Me thinks Paul just doesn’t like the fact he can’t yell at the gays anymore without looking irrelevant to society. Or like a big giant homophobe.

1) Always see your sexual opponent (anyone who rejects homosexual acts) as the enemy. Project what they see as your sexual disorder onto them by repetitiously calling them “homophobes”;

I totally reject the homosexual sexual act. If you approached me and said “Fancy a Shag!” and were a bloke, I would have to decline. Not because I am a homophobe but because I am not interested in men. (Much to your loss…)

Paul’s trying to portray all heterosexuals as being threatened by the moniker of homophobe rather than “just himself”. They don’t have any issues with their “so called disorder”. We aren’t affected by their “so called disorder”. Why should it bother you? The only reason it does so is because your Bible says so. And it says so right alongside the line that advises you on the proper way to purchase a slave

2) Separate the act of sex from its natural purpose of procreation by referring to all homosexual relationships as expressions of “love” rather than “lust”;

Paul’s wife really must have a wonderful sex life. And so what if two men LUST for each other and must kiss each other to be happy? How does that affect Civlisation? Last I heard we based our entire society on the transfer of purchasing power in exchange for services and goods rather than snogging.

3) Fight to deny those who oppose homosexual acts their right to free of speech. At the same time enforce your own right to free speech on others by copiously using the liberal media and other outlets to label your opponents every unsavory thing from “bigot” to “idiot.” Use the words “equality” and “hate” often and unrelentingly as if only you – the homosexual – understand their meaning. If anyone objects, accuse them of discrimination. Keep in mind that politicians and judges are your friends. Many of them are openly practicing homosexuals and the rest, swayed by power and the almighty dollar, will do anything for your vote. Remember, too, that in today’s politically correct and morally relativistic society there is no objective moral order and that it often takes only one civil judge to side in your favor for you to achieve your ends;

Oh you are free to say anything racist, sexist or homophobic. We are just equally free to laugh and mock your stupid bigotry.

And I would describe you as a blinded fundamentalist who eschewed free will and common sense for fanatacism and blind faith. If it were up to you, you would describe slavery as “good” and think being forced to marry the woman you raped was “justice”.

And I am not swayed by power. I run a blog that gets 2000 odd hits a day. There are 7 billion people on the planet. That means I reach just 0.00002857142% of the entire planet. That’s not “power” that’s “loud shouting”. And I make a whopping (according to Ed) $2 a day from this!

And I thought this was point 1? Are you just rehashing the same points twice to make it look like you have 10 points?

And remember. Today’s morally relativistic society thinks owning human beings as property is “uncool” while John’s moral rigidity allows me to purchase poor people as property.

4) Use the “race card” unceasingly against your enemy by equating homosexual behaviour (which can change) with a person’s color (which, by one’s will alone, cannot). Most people don’t know the difference;

Most people do understand the difference between skin colour and sexual preference.

Okay. Let’s say the GLBT are entirely based on choice (which it isn’t really. This is hypothetical). Tell me why is it a “bad” choice.

It then becomes something like preventing Billy Elliot from learning to dance despite that being a choice too. Because of arbitrary social declarations that a specific personal taste is not acceptable in our society. So EVEN if it were a choice it would still be ACCEPTABLE.

5) Build yourself up in the eyes of the indifferent masses – who are mere sheep – by claiming to be a modern person of tolerance and peace – one who is accepting of all. The people will believe you because in today’s materialistic word people are focused primarily on themselves and their own gain. They have little or no concern for what others do as long as it does not effect them. Ridicule and undermine the intelligence of your more worthy opponents by resorting to ambiguity and sarcasm. Never resist a chance to claim that they are living in the “Dark Ages”;

Anyone who refers to the “masses” as sheep has nothing valuable to say. It’s a baaaad thing to do.

Yes. We are defending the rights of the GLBT as straight people because we are focused on our own selfish materialistic lives… Wait what?

6) Act and speak as if homosexuals have a corner on the truth and that they alone – not their opponents – can demand of society what is right and wrong. Use every form of deceit imaginable including the use of straw man arguments and false scientific studies – anything that will appeal to the simpleton. Lie, deceive, put on a false front. Pretend you are a friend. Talk of peace and brotherhood. Make pledges of co-operation and mutual assistance. In short, destroy your opponent with a kiss;

I think they just want to kiss blokes rather than kiss their opponents.

And I think that’s the basis of all arguments in society. That A is better than B and the point of society is to analyse such cases and decide which is a positive change.

The fact of the matter is that John’s “Group” has lost the fight. That we have realised that Gay People aren’t the Velvet Mafia but a group of people who like other people of the same gender.

7) Confuse the distinction between “hating the sin” and “loving the sinner.” This is an absolute must since everyone – especially parents – know the time-honored value of disciple and “tough love.” This can be effectively achieved by introducing special “anti-bullying” laws into schools that aim at protecting homosexuals from the enemy. If you find that someone suspects your true motives and resists on the grounds that homosexuals should not be given special status in this regard or that such laws are merely an attempt to normalize homosexuality in society, use both the “equality” and the “separation of church and state” card against them;

We don’t need to bang on about this. If assume the majority of my readers for this article are in the USA are are aware of the teen suicide rate among the GLBT being four times higher thanks to the socially acceptable bullying that takes place. There are a lot of “names” of young kids who killed themselves because they were gay and because it’s socially acceptable to tell them that they are evil, broken and indeed “satanic”.

The laws against bullying actually affect all people. Want to know something funny? Tough love makes Serial Killers. What tough love means to people like John is “Beat the Gay Out” rather than “Teach Kids the Value of Actions”. Making kids work for their pocket money is tough love. Forcing them to not be who they are is just being an arsehole.

They aren’t given special status. They are given special protection because they are targeted by adults such as John who protect the kids who harass them.

8) Never lose sight of the fact that God is your ultimate enemy. Attack God and all religion as something oppressive, hypocritical and evil. This is easily done by take biblical quotes out of context to suit your own purpose and meaning. At the same time avoid all talk of the murderous regimes of atheists like Hitler and Stalin;

The Christian god is no more our ultimate enemy than the tooth fairy is the ultimate enemy of dentists.

The very same BOOK that says “Gays Are Evil and Should Be Killed” which is the entire basis for Paul’s argument tells you that you should treat rape as property crime and force the rape victim to marry the rapist if she is a virgin. It also gives you excellent advice for owning slaves while going on a massive rant about all the animals you can and cannot eat.

Within Context, Jehovah is a horrid genocidal bigot.

As for the historical revisionism? Atheists don’t have any reason to “hate the Jews”. I am afraid lying is considered a bigger problem than homosexuality in the Bible and claiming Hitler as an atheist is naught but “lies”. His entire stance is entrenched in Judeo-Christian imagery and the divine superiority of his “Aryan” race. As for Stalin? Stalin’s entire basis for his deaths was not because of any rule book of Atheism. And if there was indeed a big book of Atheism then surely Hitler and Stalin would have teamed up like they did earlier rather than come to one of the most brutal battles of the entire war.

To any person new to this argument, the point is this. Cause and Effect. Hitler’s cause was the WW1 Agreements which were designed to cripple and humiliate. Germany being crippled led to a major depression and the global depression of the time caused a relaxation of rules. Germany took advantage of that to rebuild it’s economy and did so through the seductive words of Facists who blamed everyone else and instilled a “nationalistic fervour” and “blind faith” by blaming traditional religious scapegoats “Jews, Gypsies and Atheists”. Religion played a role in Hitler’s grasp on power and over the minds of the Germans. While many Priests acted individually, the official stance of various Christian groups was one of support. The Catholic Church at the time had an official “Blame Jews Doctrine” mucking about their ranks. It was a totally poisonous time to be an ethnic minority and that includes the Jews but also groups who weren’t considered “White” such as the Irish to some extent.

Stalin was a dictator. There was no religious influence on his beliefs but there were no atheist ones either. Stalin merely believed in no god. Had Stalin believed in one he would have been no different or would have targetted people according to his beliefs in a different way. Stalin simply did the things he did to maintain power and to appear strong. There is a clear reason as to why he did those things. Had he been religious there would have been a bizarre lack of reason to do the things that he did. If you wanted to do the same things that he did you would also walk over the same mountain of bodies. To maintain power he killed millions and the power he had was also invested in the power of the USSR which meant more people died. Not one thing did he do because he lacked a god but because he wanted power.

9) Assure everyone that no religion will be made to suffer from societies’ acceptance of homosexuality. Speak always and often of equality and co-existence. Claim, as a sham, snare, and illusion, that tradition marriage and homosexual marriage can live side-by-side in complete harmony. Dismiss as silly and unviable any attempt to show that the “Pill” – which was introduced to separate and tear asunder the act of sex from the gift of life – has led to the disintegrated of the family. At the same time, and wherever possible, work diligently behind the scenes to drag your religious opponent into court whenever his moral values even begin to clash with yours. Test and try every court until you find a judge who is your friend. Especially work on religious adoption agencies and church ministers who lecture on the evils of homosexuality and same-sex marriage in their sermons. Where this is not possible infiltrate the priesthood so as to corrupt religion from within,

One can argue the empowerment of women led to the “disintegration of traditional family”.

But Avicenna! You may ask! How can you say such a horrid thing! Surely it was a good thing that happened!

And I will agree with you. The reason why divorces occur is because women are empowered. Women no longer had to put up with the man they married and gained the power to “leave”. Women also got more financially secure and got the power to leave. As a sexual revolution occurred, women began enjoying sex as individuals rather than existing merely to satiate their men and so began to be more independent through that.

And all of this hurt “traditional marriage” where you married the first young man who asked you to and kept house for him and kept shtum. Traditional marriage died in the 1960s. What grew out of that was the modern marriage where women are (well on paper at least) equal to men. The pill was part of the reason why the traditional family broke apart and good riddance to it.

And the fact that religious adoption agencies exist should tell you how fucked up society is. If you wish to be an adoption agency then you should be in it for the benefit of children not for paying lip service to your faith. It’s simple. Children being passed about between Foster Homes do poorly. Children with a stable family do well. If that family has two men or two women then there is absolutely no reason to deny them that family. To claim that it’s against your religious principles is to say that you would rather children not have a family than help a homosexual couple adopt a child.

And if you preach hatred against the GLBT, you are a bigot and deserve to be treated in the way that we treat all disposed bigots.

10) Redefine joyful and well-established words and symbols like “marriage,” “spouse,” “gay” and “rainbow” and attach them to homosexual acts in order to give sin an innocent, natural and pleasing appeal.

If your “marriage” stops working just because gays call their state recognised legal relationship promise the same arrangement of syllables then your marriage has problems and you are using the GLBT to scapegoat. And spouse refers to person you are in a relationship with and is gender neutral. Gay has been used as a slur for homosexual men and was adopted by the homosexual community to neuter and reclaim the slur. Complaining that they are making your words less insulting is just being a sore loser.

And the Rainbow isn’t a “christian” symbol. It’s a natural phenomenon of refraction of white light.

And arguably the depiction of heterosexuality as chaste and pure and filled with flowers and white dresses hides away that all sex is sort of messy and kind of gross if you think too much about it.

What part of “Let’s Rub Our Genitals Together Lubricated by Bodily Fluids derived from Blood in a totally unhygenic way which can transmit a variety of pathogens until bits of specially packaged DNA shoot out and then corkscrew through you in search of an egg which will create a tiny screaming version of both participants that will eat all your food and bring home other smelly versions of itself and listen to music that you won’t understand for nearly 18 years”.

What? If you can denigrate homosexuality, I can point out that heterosexuality isn’t all that hygenic and aesthetically appealing to begin with.

This, in effect, is the homosexual lobby manifesto that is sweeping the world. Yes indeed folks, Satan is among us.

Read my lips.

The homosexual lobby manifesto boils down to

1. Get Equality

2. Stop getting bullied

3. Snog and Shag Who We Want To


  1. busterggi says

    But can gays seethe baby goats in their mother’s milk? That is one of the commandments actually labeled as such in the bible.

  2. smrnda says

    On the masses “They have little or no concern for what others do as long as it does not effect them. ”

    That sounds like a pretty sensible way to think. If something that another person wants to do isn’t going to affect you personally, then why not let them do it?

    On ‘tough love’ – this is a fantasy invented by authoritarians who have to find justification for abusing kids or subordinates by pretending it’s not just sadism. It’s not abuse and control and coercion, it’s “tough love.”

  3. Psychopomp Gecko says

    I’m confused at why he thinks Satan has to put on an act to appear as an angel of light. What did he think Lucifer stood for?

    1. An awesome bit of projection by this guy in a commandment about projection. He sees them as the enemy, so he imagines gay people see him as the enemy. Heck, with all the “Family Values” people who turn out to be gay, they’re more likely to see whoever this is as one of them after he gets caught with a male prostitute or something.

    2. Here he shows why infertile couples and elderly couples should get divorced. They can’t procreate. And anybody not wanting to have kids shouldn’t procreate. This is also a good example of someone with their head up their own ass.

    3. If you imagine that everyone around you is gay as much as this guy does, maybe we’re back to #1’s talk of projection. Plus, he wants to be a special snowflake and have his religiously motivated hate speech be protected because it’s HIS religion’s hate speech. Plus, he doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of equality.

    As bad as this guy is about words, I don’t think he figured out how to open the book to take the SATs.

    4. Well, you can technically change your behavior. You can’t change your nature, though. However, acknowledging that homosexuality is not just behavior but actually the way people are born isn’t the same as the race card. In fact, this person randomly bringing race into the conversation is the closest I’ve seen to the race card being pulled.

    5. This guy seriously has a problem. He imagines everyone is just like him. Take for instance these telling sentences. “The people will believe you because in today’s materialistic word people are focused primarily on themselves and their own gain. They have little or no concern for what others do as long as it does not effect them. Ridicule and undermine the intelligence of your more worthy opponents by resorting to ambiguity and sarcasm.” So he spends a sentence calling people materialistic focused on their own gain and themselves. He even called them mere sheep before that quote. And then he says it’s the other side resorting to ridiculing and undermining the intelligence of worthy opponents.

    6. Now he’s thinking homosexuals want to kiss him to death. Seriously, this guy’s going to be caught in an airport men’s room any day now. He’s also got a problem in that the science really isn’t on his side. That, and this man is a walking straw man.

    7. If your idea of tough love is to protect bullying, then you’re a bully. Plain and simple. Also, this whole “Hate the sin, love the sinner” mess would maybe be fine, if you did it. However, the person writing this seems to hate gay people with a passion. A hot, steamy passion that burns within him during the darkest hours of the night. After all, look at his language so far.

    8. Way to show you love those sinners, pal, by saying they think God is their enemy and that they do the will of Satan. Except for all those religious people who are ok with gays. Oh, right, you think they are taking stuff out of context. Because you never are, right? I mean, it’s not like you’ve extrapolated this entire hatred from just one or two sentences in the entire book. Plus, you might want to learn some history once you’re done catching up on science. Ole “I am doing the Lord’s work” Hitler wasn’t much of an atheist. Stalin sure did promote a large cult of personality for someone who didn’t want to see anyone worshipped, know what I mean Vern?

    9. Ah, yes, those Christians who accept gay people are Not True Scotsmen! And here he gives us the multitude of evidence that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt how gay marriage will somehow destroy straight marriage. And by that, I mean a hate-filled guy suppressing his own gay urges says it will, probably because soon his wife will divorce him when he’s caught going down on a trucker in the back alley of a bar. Also, the pill is brought up for some reason. Because you know how much the lesbians use that to keep from getting pregnant by other women. There’s also the part about bringing people into court for doing illegal things. I guess Christianity, or at least his branch, should just be given a pass because they are such special snowflakes and so delicate in the wind.

    10. Spouse was gender neutral already, so that has had no redefining. Gay was changed before I was even born. Prior to meaning homosexual, it was a term for a promiscuous person. No wonder they seemed happy. If I was getting tail all the time, I’d be happy too. As for rainbow…once again, I think it’s been that way since before I was born, and you’ll just have to stop whining so much about rainbows and learn to live with us young’uns who are a bit more willing to reject living out our parents and grandparents’ mindsets. As for marriage, I don’t see it as redefining it at all. After all, if people have to actually pass things defining marriage as between one man and one woman, like all those conservatives attempt, then it means marriage is not already defined as such.

  4. otranreg says

    Redefine joyful and well-established words and symbols like “marriage,” “spouse,” “gay” and “rainbow” and attach them to homosexual acts in order to give sin an innocent, natural and pleasing appeal.

    This bit has been well covered by Fry & Laurie:

    ‘Gay’ has been used in the sense of ‘poofy’ since the 19th century, and its ‘merry’ sense is long an archaism.

  5. debbaasseerr says

    An awesome bit of projection by this guy in a commandment about projection.

    For real! The entire thing is an exercise in projection.

    De-projectorate #1 —

    Always see your sexual opponent (anyone who rejectsaccepts homosexual acts) as the enemy.

    And really, the use of “sexual opponent” by itself is enough to give one pause. ‘Cause doesn’t he mean it like : “Hey, there’s Jane, she doesn’t reject all homosexual acts, she’s one of our sexual opponents.

    #2 –

    Separate Insist the purpose of sex from its natural purpose of is procreation

    Sex is only when the penis goes into the vagina for babies for jesus because the bible, amen. Intimacy? FUCK THAT.

    #3 —

    Fight to deny those who oppose homosexuals their right to freedom of speech.

    Notice too the common slight of hand – it isn’t “homosexuality” he’s against, its “homosexual acts”. He can imagine an evil “homosexual lobby”, but would probably at the same time deny that homosexuality is actually real. So really, just “Fight to deny homosexuals” works pretty well too.

    #6 —

    Act and speak as if homosexuals christians have a corner on the truth and they alone – not their opponents – can demand of society what is right and wrong.

    Fruit hanging this low is technically on the ground already, I think.

    #8 —

    Never lose sight of the fact that Godsame sex love is your ultimate enemy

    Because every time a same sex couple kisses each other with love, a tiny piece of heaven breaks off and disappears forever.

    Its one hell of a gig, where you can start an article with “The bible says that Satan can….” – Fill the entire middle with this conglomeration of modern-day christian nightmare fuel, then wrap it all up with, “Yes indeed folks, Satan is among us!”

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