I have friends living in Boston and I did worry for them after hearing about the attacks on runners during the marathon there. My heart goes out to those who are out there particularly the two young men we have sent home to provide medical care (they are veterans of the attack in Hyderabad).

Our condolences.

And remember, don’t look away. Learn from this and get stronger. You have to keep learning and getting stronger from these things. You have to remember the people who run towards trouble rather than away. You have to remember the little stories. And most of all? You have to remember that freedom comes from transparency of government, not trading in all the other rights except the pacifier of the “gun”. Do not forget the mistakes of the past and endeavour to not repeat them.



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    I too offer my condolences to the families of those killed around the world. I disagree with your comment not to look away. I am more in agreement with Stephanie in here post It’s Okay to Look Away..

    Sometimes we get overwhelmed and need to step back, take a breather and process. Don’t ignore or forget, just take your time.

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    Yes; the reason people do attacks like these are because they don’t have a real mandate – in a sense, terroristic attacks are an admission of defeat. “We cannot win by our arguments or we lack enough popular support to win in a legitimate political process, so all that is left to us is intimidation and violence.” To quote Isaac Asimov’s nonexistent Hari Seldon: “Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.”

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