Age of Kali – Offended!

Last night I posted a piece on “offence”. Basically? A bunch of people got “offended” by the facebook status of one person reposting the statement of another and were sufficiently offended to start a riot. The police responded with typical aplomb and injured people and then promptly arrested everyone including the people who exercised free speech.

Let’s get this clear. That was fucking stupid. Freedom of speech is valuable and dragging an Internet argument into real life is not only a bad move, but a fucking crazy one as well. Religion is a concept. It cannot be offended. A god may be offended by the actions of people but frankly consider how Bill Gates doesn’t get offended by Anti-Vax claiming he personally is running around Africa with the goal of swinging babies around by their ankles till their IQ plummets by 20 points. A god would probably give “even less fucks” than that.

The issue here is “PEOPLE” getting insulted and rushing to defend their faith. People get offended easily when their faith is challenged not because “god” needs defending but because their faith requires it. Because faith is weak and not grounded in reality. Because even the slightest poke can bring the house of cards that is faith tumbling down. Well faith in a god that is. We all have faith in stuff. I have faith that my lights will turn on when I flick the switch on. Sometimes it’s not rewarded but that’s due to India’s daily power cuts. However my faith is in the transfer of electrons through strip lighting. I have faith in friends and family, in my medicines, in science and in dogs always barreling after a ball like it was the most fun thing on earth. I don’t have a faith in a god because unlike the above, faith in a god is a life of constant disappointment in order to maintain that faith. I can accept my father and me not getting along because of personality issues but when your own imaginary friend refuses to respond to you then that’s just cold.

You are allowed to be insulted by statements about you mythological being.

You aren’t allowed to shut people up because what they say about a mythological being insults your beliefs.


  1. sqlrob says

    Is your(generic, not you) god so weak that he can’t handle it himself? The creator of the universe and he can’t handle a little old facebook status or tweet on his own? He’s that fragile and impotent?

    The ones doing the rioting are insulting their god more than a simple statement can.

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