Apr 14 2013

Protecting Marriage

Marriage is not about making people happy… Mrs. Donahue must be thrilled to hear that.

I think the best way to protect marriage is to ban Bill Donahue from it. All in favour?


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    If someone says ‘marriage has nothing to do with love,’ all I can say is, if that’s something you can say about your own marriage, I feel sorry for you if you got brainwashed into a bunch of bad teachings.

    On the Catholic church and marriage in general, I think it’s kind of a bad idea for a bunch of celibate men to be telling people what marriage is supposed to be about.

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    I only watched a few minute of that. I don’t believe that any religion, it’s leaders or followers, has the right to TELL the US, or a state, government what it can legalize. If people vote for or against marriage equality, then that would be citizens exercising THEIR rights.

    The details of a marriage are whatever the people in it agree that they are.

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    MaryL, you’re right as far as you go, but you don’t go far enough. In the U.S., people aren’t supposed to put other people’s rights to a vote. The Supreme Court, in Loving vs. Virginia, defined marriage is “a basic civil right.” That’s why California’s Prop 8 was overturned (hopefully the Supreme Court will uphold that ruling.)

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