Not the Quacks! – Eleven Angry Strawmen on Vaccines

Carolyn Flannery’s article on vaccines up on Age of Autism is the strawmanniest of strawman arguments with regards to vaccines. And look! She’s got it laid out in a list!

Without faffing about, lets dig in to Eleven Vaccine Myths No One Will Say to Our Face.

1) Because Your Child Got Autism, mine got off scott free. Hard to really feel bad about that.

Did your child really get off scott free? Then why are there so many neurodevelopmental disorders? Why is your child overweight? ADD? ADHD? Allergic?  The same toxins and mechanisms that caused autism in our children may well have caused a lower IQ in yours. Especially if he’s a boy. Don’t you think it’s worth finding out before it’s too late?  Oh–and AUTISTIC kids have a lack of empathy? ? I don’t think so.

  • Autism has no links to vaccination what so ever.
  • There has been no medical link between autism and vaccines in fact that’s one of the few things that we know that “don’t” have any correlation to vaccines
  • Your child is overweight because you feed your child “too” much and they do too little exercise. Honest to fucking god, children aren’t getting fat through vaccines. They are getting fat because we feed the coco pops and stuff that contains more sugar than anything else. Show a fucking spine, kids outside of hormone issues are getting fat because we feed them Sketti.
  • ADD/ADHD has no immunological component and ADD/ADHD existed prior to widespread vaccination. And indeed there are a lot of people who believe that ADD/ADHD is often misdiagnosed and is a case of “children either being poorly behaved or being normal”.
  • Allergies have always existed, we just never really cared about those who were allergic or we didn’t have the depth of food that we currently have. It’s very difficult to trip a peanut allergy if you cannot afford peanuts.
  • IQ is a product of nurture more than nature. And I will point out that “extended and natural birth” has a bigger chance of “dropping your child’s IQ” through birth hypoxia than “vaccines” which protect against a variety of diseases like meningitis and encephalitis which “really drop IQ”. In fact? Net IQ has even considered to be rising.
  • The notion that the next generation are “stupider” than the previous has been a trope for “fucking ever”. The Babylonians were deeply worried about the end of civilisation due to children getting “stupider” and hell I am at the stage where I am “not getting” new music. Let’s take Nicki Minaj for example. Literally everyone and their dog hates her music. Ever thought why? Same for Lady Gaga. It’s not because she is “terrible”, dance hall sounds like that. If I pulled out MIA (Tamil Dancehall? Yes Please) people would be more forgiving but we cannot forgive Nicki because she is a lot more commercially successful despite her music being “credible dancehall” and her persona being “dancehall as fuck”. Then remember our parents didn’t understand what we saw in Nirvana and the Prodigy and Punk. And their parents weren’t all that hot about Elvis. The world isn’t getting stupider, you are just stuck in nostalgia and wish things didn’t improve so you could be relevant. The same applies to this notion that kids are getting stupider. Kids are getting SMARTER.
  • The following Criteria is used to diagnose Autism. You need to maintain a series of criteria from these as explained below-
  • (I) A total of six (or more) items from (A), (B), and (C), with at least two from (A), and one each from (B) and (C)
        (A) qualitative impairment in social interaction, as manifested by at least two of the following:
          1. marked impairments in the use of multiple nonverbal behaviors such as eye-to-eye gaze, facial expression, body posture, and gestures to regulate social interaction
          2. failure to develop peer relationships appropriate to developmental level
          3. a lack of spontaneous seeking to share enjoyment, interests, or achievements with other people, (e.g., by a lack of showing, bringing, or pointing out objects of interest to other people)
          4. lack of social or emotional reciprocity ( note: in the description, it gives the following as examples: not actively participating in simple social play or games, preferring solitary activities, or involving others in activities only as tools or “mechanical” aids )
        (B) qualitative impairments in communication as manifested by at least one of the following:

          1. delay in, or total lack of, the development of spoken language (not accompanied by an attempt to compensate through alternative modes of communication such as gesture or mime)
          2. in individuals with adequate speech, marked impairment in the ability to initiate or sustain a conversation with others
          3. stereotyped and repetitive use of language or idiosyncratic language
          4. lack of varied, spontaneous make-believe play or social imitative play appropriate to developmental level
        (C) restricted repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests and activities, as manifested by at least two of the following:

          1. encompassing preoccupation with one or more stereotyped and restricted patterns of interest that is abnormal either in intensity or focus
          2. apparently inflexible adherence to specific, nonfunctional routines or rituals
          3. stereotyped and repetitive motor mannerisms (e.g hand or finger flapping or twisting, or complex whole-body movements)
          4. persistent preoccupation with parts of objects

    (II) Delays or abnormal functioning in at least one of the following areas, with onset prior to age 3 years:

        (A) social interaction
        (B) language as used in social communication
        (C) symbolic or imaginative play

    (III) The disturbance is not better accounted for by Rett’s Disorder or Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

  • Lack of empathy is just “one” part of this and it isn’t universal. And much as people don’t like being told their children lack “empathy” the fact of the matter is that parents have a confirmation bias with their kids. As we see in parents being proud their kids can say mama or papa despite those words being “mindless babble” and in fact meaning different things in different cultures (food and baby in Tamil). In fact the baby’s “first smile” is a survival technique and it’s effect on parents and indeed strangers is “completely arbitrary”. It’s in fact an inappropriate smile (there is nothing to smile about, the baby just does it to anyone around) that helps parents bond with their child. The effect is more on the parent than on the baby.

2) We have “always” had people who acted like Asperger’s. We all have some relative back in the family tree who was a little quirky, right?

Yes, and as long as we’ve had recorded  human history with enough detail to mention disorders, even the Bible, we’ve had gold mining (which uses mercury to free the gold), and in the mid 1800’s, mercury dental fillings. In the early 1900’s through the present,  industrial pollution from steel mills through coal mining. Minamata (Japanese mercury poisoning) victims had many symptoms similar to autism. And it took their government decades to admit it, destroying many lives.

  • Mercury toxicity is NOTHING like Asperger’s syndrome.
  • Mercury toxicity is characterised by normal behaviour and seizures.
  • The argument here is the “Thimerosol” argument. Faced down with this issue, vaccine companies cashed in by making Thimerosol free vaccines and made them the “gold standard”.
  • Autism still went up
  • Profits also went up. Thimerosol helped the vaccine “keep” and was a preservative. This made vaccines more expensive as vaccines often got wasted or spoilt and increased “big pharma profits”.
  • Autism and Aspergers do not improve with chelation therapy. Any improvements are due to the placebo effect on the parents (AKA the parents think they are improved) and many have shown major side effects from chelation that parents have ignored in order to push the notion that “chelation works” and “the cause of autism is mercury in vaccines”.

3) The kids who used to be institutionalized and called retarded are now labeled autistic.

First of all California disproved this recently. But sadly, there is another reason this is a total fallacy. Due to abortions of babies who have been detected with Down’s and other disorders, the rate of mental retardation and the types of children we may have seen in the sixties, seventies, and eighties, have gone way down. This is not something widely publicized or reported. But Autism is NOT the same thing. If you don’t believe me, visit a special ed classroom of severely autistic children who are sometimes writhing in pain on the floor. Compare these to any Down’s syndrome child. Visit the Special Olympics ask someone to point out the mentally retarded children vs the autistic children. It is clearly different. Ask some older volunteers how many autistic kids they saw when they started Special Olympics. Also, retarded children did not regress.  Think of your grandmother with Alzheimer’s. She was there, now she isn’t. That’s autism.  Except for the children poisoned in utero. They never had the chance.

There is an easy way to check this. Just find a preschool teacher or daycare owner who has been teaching for over 25 years and ask him or her if they remember seeing autistic children in the 70’s or 80’s at the rate they are seeing them now. Ask elderly people if they remember stories of children impossible to potty train and nonverbal or vastly behind developmentally at the age of 6, 7, 8. Find some elderly nuns who used to teach. Ask them if they remember classrooms with 60 children in them actually functioning. . . not ideal, but functioning, and ask if that could happen now.

  • If your child had issues learning to verbally communicate in the 60s and 70s there is either a good chance that the child would have been beaten till they conformed or classed as mentally retarded.
  • To understand the term “Mentally Retarded” we have to understand it like we understand pain. Pain is a symptom, the cause is something else. Mental retardation is a SYMPTOM. There are plenty of causes of mental retardation ranging from hypothyroidism to TORCH infections. Amusingly enough? Maternal vaccination is just as responsible for reducing mental retardation as improved birth weight, iron/folate supplements, food and medical delivery.
  • We control more mental illness today through drugs and therapy than we did in the 70s. Oh it’s the same even in India.
  • My uncle was hit by a car in his 20s. He was comatose and when he woke up he had central neurological damage. He walks like a puppet and that too after years of frankly brutal and cruel physiotherapy. It was the best my family could do at the time. India had no physiotherapists. It still lacks them. While a stroke victim in the UK may lift weights with a dumbbell or have a proper facility, we use litre bottles filled with water for them to lift to develop their strength. In the 70s and 80s mentally retarded children often had their own schools or worse, never got any special teaching because they couldn’t afford it.
  • Today we have better teaching, the price has come down and we recognise special needs at a higher speed. In addition? We usually put kids with learning difficulties in the same class as “normal” kids because physical development doesn’t mean mental development is retarded. I know children with cerebral palsy who cannot walk and need a wheelchair but who study with healthy kids. Why should we send them to a “disabled” school. Why can’t we make schools disabled friendly and give them a normal experience?
  • The prevalence of mental retardation in every western nation has fallen overtly and specifically. If you are seeing “more” mentally retarded children today then you have a major confirmation bias. What has improved is the facilities for the disabled and so more disabled people are out and about. You are seeing more disabled people because they are not hiding away, but there are a lot fewer of them because medical technology is like that.
  • And part of that is down to vaccines and their role in reduction of TORCHES through medical science.

4) If Vaccines really caused autism, why would my trusted nurse, doctor, tell me to get vaccinated?

Anyone who challenges the safety–let alone the practice–of current vaccination ends up Wakefielded–which means reputation destroyed, career ruined, exiled, for speaking truth to power . . Still, most doctors and nurses truly believe they are doing the right thing (except for the frightened nurses who don’t want to take a flu shot, either).  Just talk to a Defeat Autism Now doctor who inadvertently poisoned their own child with vaccines to hear the sorrow of those who have lost their belief and trust in a system they invested their life into.  Just as the CDC once said smoking was ‘good for you’ in the early 60’s, and magazines of the time are filled with cigarette ads compromising honest reporting and questioning, so is our media dominated by ads by the same pharamaceutical companies that also make vaccines.

  • Andrew Wakefield had his career “destroyed” by his own greed. He wasn’t destroyed because he “proved” vaccines caused autism. He was destroyed because he lied.
  • He misdiagnosed a clear case of epilepsy as autism and then proceeded to claim that the vaccine caused the child’s constipation. Genetic Epilepsy is a MEDICAL student diagnosis. It’s an empirical diagnosis of hooking the child up to an EEG and and observing the lines on the graph go “wrong” when a seizure occurs. The treatment of this epilepsy involves anti-spasmodics which reduce the severity of seizures but also reduce the motility of the GIT because they both work on the same mechanism (muscle contraction) and so causes constipation which caused behavioural difficulties through discomfort. Children are poorly behaved if they aren’t comfortable. I don’t need to explain why. If you are dying for a shit then you as adults are difficult to deal with too. If you botch a diagnosis this basic then you fail your exam, if you stand up and claim that your “finest” doctor couldn’t diagnose epilepsy properly then he isn’t really this badass doctor raging against the machine as much as someone who is either incompetent or someone making a quick buck off these children..
  • He also repeatedly did pointlessly invasive colonoscopies on children who shouldn’t have had it done. He also utilised the previous case’s severity of GIT issues to fudge the small cohort (Around 15 kids?) and their symptoms. He even injured a child.
  • In one case he claimed that the vaccine injured a child 6 months BEFORE it was administered. Making the MMR vaccine capable of time travel.
  • In many cases he fudged the time between vaccination to diagnosis of autism in order to increase correlation.
  • He also judged the time between vaccination and symptoms
  • He ignored a variety of family doctors of these patients who recognised developmental delays BEFORE vaccinations
  • And his stake in this? He was the doctor for a “class action law suit” in the USA and did this research at the request of the lawyer who paid him. In addition he took tax payer money. He took in estimate of a MILLION DOLLARS (500,000 pounds) in “payment” for this so called research.
  • He was suspended not for “faulty research”. Researching something and being wrong is how we improve science. He was faulted for embezzling the goddamn state, LYING about his research, fudging values and injuring a child by pointless procedures.
  • In addition? He had patented his own single vaccines (that’s right, Wakefield is as pro-vax as they fucking come) and stood to make millions through the denigration of the MMR. He in fact DID NOT MENTION THAT when he did the research as competing interests.
  • The absolute very definition of the word “Shill” precisely describes Andrew Wakefield. The amount of children who have fallen sick and indeed died and suffered mental retardation thanks to him validating ignorance in order to make a profit is astonishing. These are not the actions of a “doctor” but a sociopath who was willing to trade the lives and health of children in order to make a profit above and beyond the existing upper-middle class lifestyle of the doctor.
  • The CDC never said smoking was good for you. In fact the problem the CDC had was that the research into smoking being “bad” for you was done by the Nazis. There was no political impetus to ban smoking and the cigarette companies buried the CDC’s data under their own data. They had bodies that lobbied for them and kicked up a fuss over real medical research and often compared anti-smoking advocates as “nazis”. Until we redid ALL the research they had free reigns and since the CDC had moral standards, they couldn’t do stuff like the Nazis so research was SLOWER. But in the end it was the CDC who got smoking bans put up and who stopped advertising and who actually fought the tobacco companies.
  • No so called “Doctor” who is anti-vaccine has been able to answer my simple question correctly. Well one has and he did so by quoting everyone’s most adorable medic. AKA Me. How does the human immune system function? For bonus points explain why blood typing, pregnancy tests, anti-venom, IMVIG and ELISA work but Vaccines do not. The only man to answer that didn’t know what he was posting.
  • The state of Tamil Nadu has 70 million people in it and fewer Measles cases than the UK which has 60 million people in it. The only difference is the rate of vaccination. Tamil Nadu, a third world state with massive issues of corruption and poverty STILL managed a lower measles infection rate and a higher vaccination rate than the UK. Andrew Wakefield is a fucking embarassment to us. You can waggle your herbs and your massages at measles but frankly that’s an embarrassment.

5) If Vaccines really caused autism, why doesn’t EVERY child who gets vaccinated have autism ?

If peanut butter can really kill a child who is wildly allergic, why doesn’t peanut butter kill every child? 

If overdosing on toothpaste is dangerous for some children why can’t we accept that the cumulative effect of too much mercury, aluminum, and other toxins can kill or poison people?

If mercury hurts a fetus if its from tuna, why is it a stretch to say it hurts a fetus if its from a flu shot?

If lithium, a metal type element, treats bipolar, why is it a stretch to say other metals such as mercury injected into a baby might not affect behavior?

Just one example:  Research shows that some children make less glutathione, which helps process mercury and toxins. Normally this variation would not matter–it only matters if someone is exposed to large amounts of toxins.  However, tylenol depletes glutathione. Give a baby who makes low glutathione tylenol so the shot won’t hurt, and the lack of glutathione becomes tragic. Give that same baby glutathione before the shot and just maybe he might be okay. Google Jill James and glutathione for details.

  • Autism rates have increased due improved diagnosis and awareness. In fact the rubella vaccine is autism protective.
  • Peanut allergies kill people. The peanut butter isn’t to blame, the issue is the person’s immune system has a flaw that recognises peanuts as “deadly”.
  • There is no elemental mercury or aluminium withing vaccines. If you fear mercury and aluminium in vaccines then you should fear the sodium and chlorine in your food. The amount of ethyl mercury in a flu vaccine is miniscule compared to the amount found in fish. A tuna roll may be more mercury laden with the deadlier methyl mercury than vaccines. In fact in the west, the majority of mercury poisonings have been seen in people who eat too much fish.
  • So to recap? Smaller doses and different compound. It’s the reason why a nice refreshing glass of H2O is different from a poisonous gulp of H2O2.
  • Tylenol is given in small doses to children. And children who have GST deficiency are those with Down’s Syndrome and they are dosed in small quantities too if they need it.
  • And none of this explains how vaccines work and indeed how autism occurs. We haven’t found out the total aetiology and mechanism of autism yet but so far it’s infective from some diseases and genetic. To claim that anti-vax who cannot explain the human immunological system and who don’t do any research (Anti-vax research = Reading on Google)

6) Autism isn’t so bad. Some people think Edison, Einstein, and others have/had autism.

Perhaps this is true. However, Edison and Einstein dropped out  of conventional schooling. Just imagine what ELSE they may have invented had they not had the documented social skills deficits that came with the autism.  And imagine what the world would have lost had they received some mercury-laden shots as infants that locked that talent in. Had they been born in 1997 when hep b at birth started.

Autism is progressive among each generation–more proof it is caused by toxins. Perhaps these genes would lead to a quirky uncle in the 1900s, exposed to mercury making hats like the Mad Hatter or working in the steel mills . The next generation would have some children with bipolar and quirky asperger traits along with gifts. That generation might have a child die of Pink disease from the mercury in the tooth cream of that time. The generation that got Hep B at birth and then one after another vaccine might have a child who is totally nonverbal, in constant gut pain, and still in diapers at the age of 15. These are the children you don’t see. The ones you see out and about are literally the tip of the ice berg. Autism isn’t “okay” just because some extremely talented people got less poisoned, had family resources that could afford treatment, and were able to overcome some of their deficits.

  • I don’t think we can diagnose dead people with Autism. In addition? Edison was a fucking wanker. Einstein may have been “nice” but Edison was a tool. For fuck sake! The man killed an elephant solely to disprove the effectiveness of his competitor’s invention!
  • Edison’s life NEVER indicated he was autistic. He however was homeschooled like most children at the time. He did poorly in “real” school because he never grew up in a school and his mother pulled him out. His mother who herself was a school teacher. He had one to one teaching for most of his life. The kind of teaching that RICH kids got. He was “rowdy”
  • He actually was very social and married not once, but three times.
  • And he was injured by a lack of healthcare. Deafness thanks to Scarlet fever.
  • Einstein as well was not autistic. This smacks of “We need famous cool autistic people, so we are going to go nick dead people”. It’s not cool when mormons do it, it’s not cool when you do it.
  • The amount of mercury in our food, our environment and our vaccines has all gone down. The claim that somehow the mercury has gone down but magically more people are sensitive to mercury is “Stupid”.
  • You may wonder why I use that term… Because what the anti-vax here have done is claim that there was a “Mercury Sensitivity” gene that evolved in a world where we used a tonne of mercury and that those people somehow MANAGED TO BREED and spread their DNA. It’s very very hard to have sex when you have mercury poisoning.
  • That’s mercury poisoning. Awfully fucking hard to have sex with it. Any gene of “suseptibility” would quickly get itself thrown out of the genepool.
  • Again there is no research and this is a bad hypothesis because there is no observable effect where people from low mercury areas move to high mercury areas. There is also a drop in mercury usage in vaccines. This was in 1994. It’s nearly 20 years since then and despite a drop in “so called mercury usage” there is still an increase in case rate indicating no correlation.

7) Well maybe vaccines are just weeding out the most weak and taking them out of the gene pool. Or they would have died or gotten sick  anyhow from the diseases the vaccine prevented.

The fact is the infants with the BEST immune systems are the most likely to react to the vaccines, which stimulate the immune systems. We are harming the BEST among us, the best and the brightest. Why are the kids in our stereotypes, the brightest kids, the ones in our memories from the 60s and 70’s, the ones with glasses and allergies? Could it be that the best brains have always been the most susceptible to vaccine injury ? These toxins have been in the vaccines since the early 1930’s. Some research shows that a high metabolism brain–which can mean a higher IQ- is more sensitive to toxins because it takes more toxins in.

  • Hyper-immune responses aren’t your immune system being strong but your immune system swinging so hard at a harmless antigen that it hurts itself.
  • If I gave you an egg and asked you to make an omelette you would crack the eggs using a gentle tap. You wouldn’t chuck them at the wall… That’s the difference. Chucking them at the wall isn’t a sign of superior strength but the sign of you not knowing how to crack an egg.
  • You are not harming the “best and brightest”. That’s wishful thinking and playing to the notion that if your child wasn’t autistic they would be Stephen Hawkings.
  • The stereotypical nerd is actually a misnomer. Nerds were portrayed as “weak” and fragile and bad at sport. It’s a movie stereotype. Doesn’t mean if you have allergies and glasses you are a super genius. And children who wore glasses in the 60s and 70s couldn’t play with other kids so were more likely to live in a world of books. With improvements to medicine we can detect myopia in young children and correct vision.
  • And really? Your research is “Watched the Goonies”?

8) There is nothing we can do about autism. Some kids will just outgrow it.

15 years ago parents were told that it was hopeless and nothing could be done. Those parents figured out that their children had been poisoned by vaccines and treated them according to methods based on science about how this could occur and how it could be reversed. Some of those children recovered. Instead of just saying they “outgrew” it, why isn’t the CDC trying to study the children who recovered and find out what worked, what didn’t work, and if those parents continued to vaccinate. If they are not going to stop autism from happening, at least they could try to understand how to reverse it and prevent it in vulnerable children. How to identify which children are vulnerable. And why haven’t they studied “vaccinated” vs unvaccinated. If our children got harmed for the “greater good” then they deserve to be compensated and honored for that sacrifice.

  • Interestingly enough? The differential diagnosis for autism is myopia. The symptoms are similar, once you give the child glasses they develop normally.
  • We have studied vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. Unvaccinated children get autism at the same rate. In the United Kingdom, researchers evaluated 498 autistic children born from 1979 through 1992 who were identified by computerized health records from 8 health districts. Although a trend toward increasing autism diagnoses by year of birth was confirmed, no change in the rates of autism diagnoses after the 1987 introduction of MMR vaccine was observed. Further, MMR vaccination rates of autistic children were similar to those of the entire study population. Also, investigators did not observe a clustering of autism diagnoses relative to the time that children received MMR vaccine, nor did they observe a difference in age at autism diagnosis between those vaccinated and not vaccinated or between those vaccinated before or after 18 months of age. These authors also found no differences in autism rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated children when they extended their analysis to include a longer time after MMR exposure or a second dose of MMR.
  • We did the research. Anti-Vax just refuse to actually do any reading. Or they just ignore it.

9) If your child doesn’t get vaccines, it puts my vaccinated child at risk.

Huh? Isn’t it the other way around? If you really believe vaccines work, your child getting injected with live viruses (in some cases) puts MY child at risk. My child, who reacts to vaccinations and cannot tolerate them. My child whose once exquisite immune system now looks like that of an HIV victim with NK killer cells at 7.  Thanks to his vaccines.

  • Some children cannot be vaccinated and some babies are not vaccinated and can be infected by unvaccinated people.
  • Vaccines are not perfect. Think of a vaccine as “seat belts” or “bullet proof armour”. They work the majority of the time, but sometimes they don’t. You don’t drive recklessly just because you have a seatbelt on. If a vaccine is 95% effective it means if you are exposed to Measles 20 times you will catch it. However if you have enough people vaccinated you will destroy the ability for virus to spread between people by halting transmission.
  • HIV patients have reduced t-lymphocytes not NK Cells. It’s also not “NK Killer Cells”. NK = Natural Killer. They kill viral infected cells and tumour cells… And have very little to do with antibodies. I call shennanigans.
  • The Anti-vax really don’t understand how immune systems function if they use words like “exquisite Immune System”.
  • Flogging the anti-vax lifestyle and fear mongering has killed children across the world.
  • I am 100% responsible for every single medical advice I give. The anti-vax are not. The increase of anti-vax belief has caused their “exquisite” children to end up sick, hurt, damaged and dead. The children who pay this price are ignored. There is no oversight and no repercussions. Many of the most “vaunted” anti-vax have killed and lost their licenses and then portrayed their stripping of licenses as nothing more than conspiracy. From doctors who didn’t use Anti-Rh to stop haemolytic jaundice and hydrops foetalis to midwives who proudly birthed cerebral palsy and stillborn children due to their own incompetence, the “medical” practitioners who fill the ranks of the anti-vax intelligentsia are a terrifying group of quacks.

10) Autism is caused by two quirky parents getting married –the “WIRED” theory

Wait– Correlation does not equal causation, right??  This is a cute theory but all it proves is that if you are very bright and technically proficient, and as a child got injured by mercury or vaccines making you quirky or uncoordinated and thus more apt to be nerdy,  then married another quirky person who was very bright and got injured by mercury and vaccines as a child, your child is  more likely to get injured by mercury and vaccines, and more likely to be more damaged by those toxins. And if he gets ten times MORE vaccines than you did, it’s almost a given he’ll get ADD or autism.

  • I am not even going to pretend I understand this “theory”.
  • This isn’t a theory so much as mugging the word “theory” outside a pub and stealing it’s kidneys.
  • There is no such “quirky” gene
  • There is no such “sensitivity” to mercury gene known and related to autism
  • Genetics don’t work this way
  • Vaccines don’t work this way
  • There is no mercury in vaccines, there is thiomersol which is a compound with a 98% clearance rate per passage. In the tiny amount it’s excreted it literally is cleared out in days.
  • A brave little theory, and actually quite coherent for a system where personality is coded for in genetics — if only we lived in one. (Points for those who recognise the quote)

11) People who question vaccine safety are wackos and despise science. They just can’t accept the fate that happened to them

Okay folks, think of every warning you ever saw “don’t eat fish, it causes fetal damage” . “Don’t buy a house with lead paint” . “Be careful what you do in pregnancy–don’t take cold medicine even.” “Uh oh there is aresenic in rice”. “If you dispose of these vaccines or tooth fillings, they have to go into a toxic waste dump because they are poison”. “There is a liability protection for  vaccine manufacturers in case a child gets harmed by vaccines”.

  • In two years I have dealt with more than 100 anti-vax. Only one correctly answered how the human immune system worked. And he did so by reposting my own work. He didn’t even bother to read the name of the author when he cut and pasted it.
  • Don’t eat too much fish, it’s got mercury in it and will cause mercury poisoning if you eat too much. Don’t use lead paint because children eat the paint chips and get plumbism. Don’t eat arsenic coated rice it’s bad for you.
  • Vaccines are biomedical waste and are disposed in incinerators, not toxic waste dumps.
  • The liability protection is because there are people who have adverse reactions to vaccines. If vaccine manufacturers paid out they would pass on the fines to the consumers and thus fewer people could afford them. In a litigious culture such as the USA people are unwilling to accept the known risks of vaccines such as allergies and instead sue. This allows vaccine manufacturers to keep making vaccines, patients to keep getting vaccines and people who have adverse reactions to get compensation without any of them being screwed over.

Okay if those warnings and protections are out there, there must be babies and children out there who DID get exposed to mercury in fish, who DID get exposed to lead paint, who did get harmed by toxins in fillings or vaccines.. Why is it such a stretch to connect these dots? Why are we so blind? Where are all these injured children whose parents didn’t see the warnings in time? Could it be they have been labeled autistic?  And why isn’t there any effort, at all, to figure out how to reverse the effects of these toxins? Don’t tell me there is arsenic in rice, tell me how to get it out of my child, and other children who have difficulties  excreting toxins.

  • Because we proved that mercury and lead paint are harmful while we have proved that vaccines reduce deadly diseases and that vaccines are essential to any society that wishes to have healthy children.
  • These children who claim to be injured by vaccines have other aetiologies. It’s just parents REFUSE to accept other stances. Often because the very people who injured their children are the ones whispering into their ears. There are a lot of “natural birthers” who blame the child’s Cerebral Palsy (diagnosed at 9 months so around the first MMR vaccine) on the vaccine. The major cause of CP is birth hypoxia and that’s usually seen in prolonged births. The sort that Natural Birthers are often proud of.
  • Arsenic in Rice? In American rice you mean. China has arsenic restrictions on rice and you guys don’t eat Indian rice or cook it the indian way which involves cleaned rice. 226 ppb = 22.6 micrograms of arsenic. The LD50 at it’s most potent is 70 milligram per Kg per day. In order to kill yourself with arsenic you would need to eat 309734 gm of rice. 309 KILOGRAMS of rice in America. 309.7 Kilograms of DRY rice. Unless you were eating rice from Bangladesh in which case you would need to eat 100 Kilograms of rice per day because their soil is rich in Arsenic. The average serving of rice is 40 odd grams dry which absorbs water to become around 100 gm of wet rice. This argument is frankly moronic.
  • Dose makes the poison, I can kill you with oxygen.

Every one of us DID Vaccinate our children. Because we DID believe the science we had seen. However, after our child developed symptoms, after our child who had been bright and alive started to act like our grandmothers as they descended into Alzheimer’s, lost language, lost continence,  lost everything, we started scouring pubmed, the inserts in the vaccine manufacturers information sheets. We saw  that, GUESS WHAT? Vaccines DO harm some children and the government admits it at the same time it pretends they are ‘perfectly safe’. The GOVT admitted in 1999 that mercury should be taken out of vaccines, but its still in vaccines shipped overseas.. A decade later it is still in flu vaccines given to pregnant women in America. What we can’t accept is that THIS HAPPENED FOR NO REASON. The toxin didn’t have to be in the shot. The medical community could have figured out how to detect vulnerable children and not vaccinate them on the same schedule.  It didn’t have to happen. And it’s STILL HAPPENING TO OTHER CHILDREN in our name, in other countries, and in our name, here in America.  And there is very little research into how to reverse it and help our child recover, and very little insurance coverage for helping our children recover, even for the documented treatments such as ABA.

  • Alzheimers in a child? Do you even know what Alzheimers is? My gran died with it. Your kids didn’t have it.
  • Thimerosol was removed from vaccines in 1994.
  • Thimerosol is in multi-dose flu vaccines. This keeps the cost low. Swapping out of this would mean a larger chunk of the USA cannot afford their flu shots.
  • It has a 98% clearance rate. That means everytime the blood goes through your kidneys 98% is removed. Your kidneys process 1.4 LITRES of blood every minute. In 10 minutes you will have gone through your entire blood and eliminated 98% of the damn thimerosol.
  • The dosage of thimerosol is 12.5 micrograms or 0.0125 miligrams or 0.0000125 grams. It’s miniscule.
  • Also? Toxicity doesn’t work the way Anti-Vax Think. LBRB (Left Brain Right Brain) explains it neatly.
  • Please don’t use my patients to flog your bullshit.

Carolyn Flannery is a biomed Mom recovering her child, she thanks Dr. Wakefield and the biomed Moms who have come before her. 

Avicenna Last has helped break the stranglehold of Polio and was part of the last vaccination push to eliminate the disease from India. Oh crap! I forgot! Being a mum gives you medical knowledge! Oh why did I ever right this 6000 word epic piece with nothing but my education!


  1. The Mellow Monkey says

    Great takedown, though now you’ve managed to freak me out about vaginal birth in general due to the possibility of hypoxia. So…thanks?

    What the hell is a “biomed mom”?

  2. CaitieCat says

    Maybe she left out “do”, and meant to say she was a “biodomed” mom, meaning she’s one of those volunteers who go and live in sealed biodomes.

    Or perhaps she’s just been playing too much SimEarth (hah! paleogeekery!)

    Honestly, they really are a dismal bunch of arguments, aren’t they?

  3. says

    Lack of empathy is just “one” part of this and it isn’t universal. And much as people don’t like being told their children lack “empathy” the fact of the matter is that parents have a confirmation bias with their kids.

    I think part of the problem is with the word “empathy”. It doesn’t always mean the same thing. Basically, you can lack empathy the way a psychopath tends to lack empathy and you can lack empathy the way someone in the autistic spectrum tends to lack empathy. They may seem to be superficially the same but they are not.

    A psychopath can usually read body language (which you could consider a kind of empathy) and figure out what it means (in fact, they can be much better at reading people than the average person) but simply may not be able to personally relate to the conveyed emotional state (which would be considered lacking in empathy).

    An autistic person is not usually going to be able to read body language that well (which you could consider a lack of a kind of empathy) except where the underlying emotional state is very intense (such as states producing displays of obvious distress) but when the emotional state is actually perceived they may be able to relate to it (which would be considered an empathetic response) –maybe even to the point of being overly disturbed by it.

    So the former can see your pain but cannot feel it whereas the latter can feel your pain but cannot see it.

  4. garnetstar says

    “All substances are poisons. There is no substance that is not a poison. The only difference between a remedy and a poison is the dose.”

    —-Paracelsus, 16th century

    Since that’s been known for 500 years, you’d think that anti-vaxxers would have stumbled on it by now.

    Different compound, different dose: Everything that has the word “mercury” in it is not the same compound. The most basic law of chemistry is that the reactivity of atoms differs depending on what compound they are a part of.

    The hatters of the 19th century used metallic mercury, which they heated. They therefore breathed in huge quantities of mercury vapor, which consists of atomic mercury. Bare metal atoms delivered through the lungs differ *immensely* in reactivity from metal compounds like thimerosol. The bioactivity of the two species could hardly be more different.

    BTW, most gold is processed using cyanide, not mercury. Cynanide exposure is indeed something to be worried about, but it certainly doesn’t cause autism or neurological disorders. And, there is no ambiguity about whether you’ve been exposed to enough of it to cause a biological effect.

  5. garnetstar says

    And…many microorganisms contain mercury reductases, naturally-occurring enzymes with mercury at their active sites. Mercury is necessary for these vital enzymes to function. It’s actually necessary for life, get it, Carolyn?

  6. fred says

    The last “right” is actually wrong, unless you meant it that way. :)

    This is another incredibly thoughtful and educational article I’m sending to an anti-vax proponent I know. If he reads it and comes to his senses is a different matter. but I have to try. Thank you for your selfless contributions to a better and healthier world. Cheers.

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