Hags of Lag – Honour

Listen, I know videogames are “light on the ladies” when it comes to representing us, but look beyond that for this one. This may be a “sausage fest” but this article shows a company making steps in the right direction.

There was a panel by Riot games. For those who are unaware? Riot make League of Legends, a game that I like and indeed miss a lot due to not having a functional laptop.

However Riot have had (consistently) some of the best attempts to change gamer culture from the standpoint of a company from a top down basis. They have tried to encourage people from all walks of life to play their game and have one of the most interesting systems out there for rewarding players and encouraging good players.

And they did a panel on PAX.

It’s a long video so it’s worth a save to watch if you are a fan or have the time. If you cannot watch and want a synopsis? A big e-sports publisher tries it’s best to improve the behaviour of it’s players.

And if you are interested in playing their game? I urge you to do so. I should be back on the “bandwagon” in around a month and would like to play with any comers who aren’t part of that odious JT Bloke. If anything we could get a plucky team of underdogs and ragamuffins together and defeat his juggernaut in a feel good atheist e-sportstravaganza. Maybe some sort of forfeit t-shirt can be used.

Ed did it already

If not? Join up with JT and his rather fun attempt to form an atheist ranked team.

Because any company willing to do such a bold statement such as willingly punish the more vocal and indeed odious members of it’s community and actively discourage them rather than go “why should we? They are valuable parts of our community” is to be commended. Riot are in their small way trying to make the internet better and make games better for anyone who isn’t straight, white or male or indeed someone’s mother.

But the fact that they listened to criticism and decided to make the world they created better and take it on board should be commended.

And most importantly? Things like this will have knock on effects in getting women to play the game. The other part is 100% Teemo.

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