On Atheism

Conversely, sneering is depth for shallow people. All the boredom and none of the hope.  Who can resist?

Those are the lines posted by Mark up on Patheos.

The Atheist “Church” is just a get together that occurs regularly.

I don’t claim to be deep. My philosophy is not deep and it can be boiled down to a single sentence.

There has been no evidence for any gods that we claim have or to exist, so I don’t believe in any until such time as we find evidence for one.

I can expand on that and point out that with the increase of our knowledge that the existence of a god is diminishing and we are gradually realising that religion is naught by superstition. The Hindus and Muslim gods that Mark doesn’t believe in are just as valid as his Jehovah and honestly to claim that they don’t exist while believing in an equally tenuous alternative is selective blindness.

All the boredom? Your entire world view can be condensed into a single book that’s smaller than a textbook on Dermatology. We have written greater works on the human skin than the Bible. I am afraid you think our world is boring because you refuse to see how interesting the world really is.

And hope? Your god’s hope only exists in death. You can have just one leper. I will take a hundred. If we both were to utilise our knowledge of the Bible and Medicine respectively I can pretty much guarantee that I could cure all (or nearly all since Resitant Leprosy is a thing) my patients while you can cure one.

Humans bring hope to each other in this life, the most important life of all. You flog some nebulous future of “heaven” that’s no different from the 72 Houris of Jannah. Atheism is merely a world view that says there is no god. It doesn’t tell you what to do with your life.

But it does tell you that you are responsible for what you do with and how you use your life is important to you and those around you. And some of us chose to bring hope to those who have none. Real tangible hope and real progress. Human progress is not at the hands of a god but at the hands of humans.

It’s just a crying shame that you would rather ignore real achievement or worse, subvert human endeavour and claim it as the real mof your god.

There is no hope in telling people that they will get their just desserts after they are dead. That’s not hope! That’s like saying death will solve your pain!


  1. says

    I think you’re confusing “concise” with “shallow”.

    E=mc^2 is concise. Not shallow.

    Neither is the statement that no gods have been shown to exist.

    There’s a lot that you can unpack with that concise statement.

    First, the world we see is real. Not The Matrix or some other simulation or Last Thursdayism. Real is real.

    Second, real is regular. Gravity behaves the same way here on Earth as it does on Mars as it does on Alpha Centauri.

    Third, by studying the real/regular, we can discover the hidden and the wonderful about the real/regular.

    Fourth, by studying the real/regular, we can discern that claims of unreal/irregular have not ever been proven to be true. And that the data on this are so solid that it is now almost completely certain that unreal/irregular is not tenable in any respect, today, tomorrow, or any time in the past.

    And that therefore any claims regarding the existence of anything that operates by definition in the unreal/irregular plane are not just unlikely, they’re illogical.

    You could fill a theology book with the unpacking of a concise statement.

  2. someoneoranother says

    Shea makes that argument? His blog, in fact that very post, is devoted in great part to “endless, empty sneering,” after all.

    The use of the word “church” in the tntmagazine article has unfortunate connotations and as we can see, it brings the more rabid Christians out. Friendly and “profound” congregations after all existed way before the Christians got together for their first “agape.”

    Also, that’s a good reason why religion should play an unimportant role in greater society. Any friendly group I’ve been a part of had a mix of theists and atheists, we simply had more important things in common with each other than we did with random atheists or theists and “God” was merely a private belief.

    I do feel a bit sorry for American atheists (while sticking to a “Western” context) and their extremely religious-minded society in that sense.

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