Age of Kali – Injustice for All

One of the major reasons for a reduced rape reporting rate in India is the complete lack of empathy from people. Everyone from the police, to the medical officers to the courts and indeed society doesn’t treat rape victims well.

At Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh this was demonstrated in spectacular fashion.

A 10 year old girl was found lying unconscious in a field in Meerpur village by her parents after a man had grabbed her. She was allegedly raped by a someone from the village. When her parents found her and took her to a police station to lodge a First Information Report (FIR) the cops responded in bizarre fashion.

The young girl was detained in a lock-up at a women’s police station and only released after locals protested.

So far two constables have been suspended and two sub-inspectors have been pulled to the Police Lines pending investigation.

There is a terrible lack of education in proper manner with dealing with such cases and mishandling them in such a manner causes fewer women to come forward. If women’s police stations are not welcoming places to the women who seek help then why on earth would they use them?

So far the medical exam hasn’t taken place and the accused hasn’t been nabbed yet either.



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