Ideal Crime

I don’t normally endorse crime but…

That’s right. Someone has pulled off the heist of week by stealing a truck load worth of Nutella worth around $20 800.

To be fair it’s kind of easy to capture anyone with that much Nutella.

Then again? Does anyone remember the best way to die from Thief of Time? A swimming pool of chocolate and a spoon…


  1. physicsphdstu says

    “Ten thousand gallons of delicate fondant sugar cream infused with essence of violets and stirred into dark chocolate”
    I didn’t get why she wanted a ladle for it though.

  2. glodson says

    I didn’t get why she wanted a ladle for it though.

    Unity was a classy lady, that’s why.

  3. says

    I am reminded of the great maple syrup heist of 2012 – several hundred barrels of maple syrup were lifted from a warehouse in Quebec, shipped over to New Brunswick, and sold there for ~$20 million.

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