Secular Student Alliance Week

I will be part of the Secular Student Alliance Week and will be part of there blogathon here.

For now you guys should “totally donate” to their cause, but if you wish to hold your donations, then I will ask on setting up a specific “Million Gods” donation page so we get bragging rights.

If not? Then here is their donation page.

I will have a proper post up and should be posting on the Saturday/Sunday slot (I may not be able to do a whole 24 hour stint because I actually have work in the morning and it will genuinely be me waking up at 5:30 AM, going to work, coming back and then blogging for at least 12 hours or more.).

I am aware that last year the bloggers “bribed” the readers with forfeits but I am pretty out of the atheist community loop both in the UK and the USA. We (and by which I mean “Me”) are still in the brain storming stage of those so any suggestions are appreciated. It’s for a good cause and indeed it will encourage more ex-Hindus in the USA to participate in such an organisation and indeed let more people know about the different kind of stuff that happens out here and maybe even write about some issues pertaining to India.

It should be fun.

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