Wilcox County High School students are getting something novel.

Sometimes society is racist due to ignorance. Sometimes because it goes out of it’s fucking way to wear a white robe and stupid pointed hat.

Wilcox County High School’s students are trying to run a integrated prom. As in… A Racially Integrated Prom.

Let that sink in.

The rule is strictly enforced, any race other than Caucasian wouldn’t dare to attend the white prom. In fact? Last year a mixed race person got tossed out of the white only prom. By the Police.

There will still be two proms this year. Neither proms are financed by or allowed to take place at Wilcox County High School but they are advertised there. The students said that when they pushed for one prom, the school offered a resolution to permit an integrated prom that would allow all students to attend but not stop segregated proms.

The school won’t stand up to parental groups which organise the segregated proms. High School seniors have launched a fundraiser to have a integrated prom. But they do face opposition from the more “tradition bound” classmates. Well by tradition, we mean “Racist”. Their posters have been ripped down.

Wilcox school may not be segregated internally but parental politics and indeed an unwillingness to break down the barriers of race by the school has created segregation there. White kids sit at the back, black kids at the front. Black kids eat outside, white kids eat in another place. Any “race mixing” in dating risks ostracisation and bullying.

I thought this was the only school that had these kinds of laws. Turns out there are a few others still left and a few schools desegregated in the last 10 years.

WTF America, WTF.

Their posters may have gotten torn down, but their Facebook page, however, is raising enthusiasm (and money) from all over the country.


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    I wish I could say that this is really a novel story, but it’s just another “Southern school still has private, segregated proms in the 21st century” that I’ve read every prom season since 2000 :(

    We have a long, long, long way to go.

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