Bangladesh – Death of Freedom

Bangladesh has arrested three atheist bloggers for defaming on Tuesday amid calls from religious fundies for a crackdown on bloggers.

Demands include the death penalty for these bloggers. But these bloggers face 10 years in prison for merely speaking out for what they believe.

“They have hurt religious feelings of the people by writing against different religions and their prophets and founders including the Prophet Mohammed,” deputy commissioner of Dhaka police Molla Nazrul Islam said.

If you listen to the fundies then eventually you will only listen to fundies. You will lose all freedom. If your Mohammed and Allah need to be defended from the likes of us then your faith is nothing but fragile.

If you think Mohammed and Allah are indeed all that, then they can fight their own fights and not rely on the bully boys of their fundies.

If you do not value freedom of speech, then eventually you will lose your own.


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