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  1. says

    Why do people voluntarily accept subjection? Oh, that’s easy. They were lied to: there’s a man in the sky who wants them to do what the guy in the uniform with the big hat says.

  2. says

    Didn’t they execute or at least threaten to execute a young girl… for the crime of being raped? It’s joined the list of places I will never visit.

  3. otranreg says

    Oh Maldives, why must you turn your Island Paradise into such a terrible place to live?

    Well, they’re just trying to do it before the Indian Ocean takes all the credit.

  4. claire says

    who cares. it’s there law. who are we to judge.

    and when did ‘being raped’ become a crime?

  5. says

    OK got the details wrong but a 15 year-old girl who was raped for years by her stepfather was sentenced to be whipped 100 times for the crime of fornication. It may be the law but is it justice?

  6. thumper1990 says


    who cares. it’s there law. who are we to judge.

    What a fucking stupid argument. Akin to “It’s their culture to cut off a girl’s clitoris, who are we to judge?”. “It’s their culture, it’s their law” are not arguments, aspects of their culture and laws are shit and harmful and we should call them out. “Who cares”? Any decent person would care.

    and when did ‘being raped’ become a crime?

    Er yeah, that’s kind of the issue. What Shakatany is talking about is a girl who was raped for years by her stepfather, and she has been sentenced to 200 lashes for having sex outside of marriage. She’s fifteen. Nobody even knows what’s happened to him, no one even knew his name last I checked.

    And now they’ve gone and made their country even more backwards, all in the name of a fictional character. As I said, any decent person would care. The only reason you don’t is because you are not subjected to it.

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