I Was the Fool

I got into a conversation on Reddit and realised one thing.

That because I blog at FTB, I am actually losing readers! I didn’t realise that my platform was so toxic and vapid. I have seen the light and it comes from the fire from all the smoke that people like PZ Myers and Greta Christina were blowing up my arse. Also? Tigasuku has gone on holiday and abandoned me…

So I am tending in my resignation. I am moving blogs to the new Slymepit blog project. A place where freedom of speech is more important! Where I can make jokes about privilege.

Also? I have been living a lie. I am secretly a white man living in Basingstoke pretending to be in India. It’s why I never turn on my webcam on the various hangouts I do.

So with that? A Million Gods is over. It shall now be called Avicenna’s Palace of Pussy…

And to start you all off with? Here is my first post!

What were you expecting?


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