SSA May Day Madness Blogathon – Violence in The Middle East

A Palestinian stabbed a Jewish settler to death in the West Bank on Tuesday making it the first fatal attack on an Israeli there in more than a year — and the killing triggered retaliatory violence in both the West Bank and Jerusalem.

This may be in response to an Israeli aircraft targeting Miskhal in the Shati refugee camp in Gaza City. Miskhal, who worked as a police officer, was known to be linked to Islamist militant factions, according to Palestinians in Gaza familiar with his activities. He was believed to be involved in arms production and trafficking, and specialized in rockets and explosives that he sold to militant groups.

Whether this rekindles the near constant warfare between Palestine and Israel or not is up in the air. But it’s yet another chapter in the horrid mess that is the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Avicenna is blogging for the SSA over the May Day holiday and will be doing so on the Saturday/Sunday too. He is trying to reach the goal of $500 of your shiny American Dollars. Help him do so by donating here. And leave your suggestions on the concurrent hangout happening over here.

SSA May Day Madness Blogathon – Animal Liberation is Helping! Honest!

One of the first groups of people I tangled with when I started my blog were the lovely folk at Negotiation is Over.

And it’s where one of my first “readers” found my blog. Because of my support for the biologists and students of biology at the University of Florida and the right to study free from harassment (Yes, that’s the Meowcenary). I never really expected to get this big as a blog and honestly most of the stuff I wrote was mainly because we both just wanted to vent at people who made our lives miserable.

This may not be secular but it is how I started. [Read more…]

Secular Students Alliance Blogathon

Well my 12 hour blogathon starts now, you can follow what I am doing on the hangout.

My fund-raising page is here and while I don’t think I can match the “thousands” that other bloggers are capable of doing, I have set my goal for a much less lofty $500. This can be revised.

I have been told it’s normal to offer forfeits, so if anyone has any ideas for one please let me know!

And GO!

SSA Blogathon

Well It’s 4:30 PM in India, I shall start my blogathon/google hangout at 10 PM here. The plan is to post something every hour and hang out with people reading the blog/get ideas from them.


I Get Mail/A Voice for Me – How To Stop Rape

I got this in response to the post I did last night on the problem of The Indian Male vs the New Indian Male and how the education and treatment of men has to change in India.

I spent the day thinking about this. This is clearly a post from A Voice for Men that’s been cut and paste (I do check if my mail is just cut and pasted from somewhere else). And the problem here is that who ever is using this as a response has not understood the problem of privilege in an Indian context or even in a western context. Today’s piece comes from Typhonblue. [Read more…]

SSA Schedule

I will be part of the Secular Student Alliance Week 2013 and will be part of there blogathon here.

For now you guys should “totally donate” to their cause, but if you wish to hold your donations, then I will ask on setting up a specific “Million Gods” donation page so we get bragging rights.

If not? Then here is their donation page.

I will have a proper post up and should be posting on the Saturday/Sunday slot on the 4th to the 5th of May just before I leave for my holiday in the UK. (I may not be able to do a whole 24 hour stint because I actually have work in the morning and it will genuinely be me waking up at 5:30 AM, going to work, coming back and then blogging for at least 12 hours or more.). I may also do a 12 hour stint tomorrow for May Day.

I am aware that last year the bloggers “bribed” the readers with forfeits but I am pretty out of the atheist community loop both in the UK and the USA. We (and by which I mean “Me”) are still in the brain storming stage of those so any suggestions are appreciated.

It’s for a good cause and indeed it will encourage more ex-Hindus in the USA to participate in such an organisation and indeed let more people know about the different kind of stuff that happens out here and maybe even write about some issues pertaining to India.

It should be fun.

And remember! Donate!

And if you won’t donate then at least sit around and think of terrible forfeits for me to encourage others to donate. I will also be doing a Google Hangout for anyone wanting to come yell at me while I type furiously and give me ideas on stuff to write about.

Age of Kali – A Thug in Velvet – The Indian Man

Around a decade ago there was a watershed in Indian culture.

We saw a concept come about in India and abroad.

It was called the New Indian Male. The very idea of the New Indian Male was a gentleman. He wore clothes that fit and wasn’t picked out by his mother. He understood fashion. He was gentler, kinder and indeed “more in touch with his feminine side”. His image on the big screen and in populist media was not one of the country boy or poor, but a middle class hero and his actions resonated the most with that demographic. In the minority of India that is Upper Middle Class this may hold true. More men broke gender roles and cooked, cleaned and raised children and this allowed more women to break out of those traditional roles and do non-traditional roles such as working. More men cleaned up themselves and after themselves. But what happened? Why have we shifted out of that? [Read more…]