Everest for Charity

A friend of mine is planning to do something amazing.

He is planning to climb Mount Everest for charity. Peter Bradley grew up with me and we went to school together so it is with great pride that I snork the hell out of his post. It’s already an amazing thing to attempt and to do so to raise money for comfier chairs for those undergoing dialysis is extremely cool.

Here is the link if you fancy donating.


  1. slc1 says

    Does he have any experience in mountain climbing. If he doesn’t, this is a very foolish undertaking. In fact, I would go further and state that only the most experienced mountain climbers should attempt this.

  2. says

    It’s his third trip to Nepal and he has done the base camps twice and has climbed other mountains but Everest is “not” other mountains. No one’s ever prepared for it. It’s his first Himalaya and it’s certainly a good km taller than anything else he has climbed.

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