Vagina Monologue

The following post is NSFW because it contains “Naughty Words”.


You heard me.

The vagina is an anatomically accepted term. From the latin “Vagina” meaning Sheath or Scabbard. It’s a medical term.

Well apparently Idaho didn’t get the memo making me wonder if they require a lesson in anatomy too.

Tim McDaniels is being investigated by Idaho’s Professional Standards Commission because he allegedly used the word “Vagina” while teaching a 10th Grade Class on Reproduction and Human Anatomy in Dietrich, Idaho..

Why? Because four complaints were submitted to the school after McDaniels explained the biology of the human orgasm and used the word “vagina” (I also assume he used the word “Penis”). He is also alleged to have shown a video depicting an infection of genital herpes and teaching about birth control. He also made “inappropriate jokes”.

This troublemaker also apparently asked his students to watch “An Inconvenient Truth” and write a critical response paper on climate change.


So far McDaniel has refused to sign the letter of reprimand and his students have started a local petition among themselves to defend him.

What it boils down to is the interference from the religious/conservative (because face it, they are entwined) ideological group, who live in a world where the teaching of science is more harmful than the teaching of a political and religious agenda that’s demonstrably wrong.

The word “Vagina” is as dangerous as the word “Finger”. Show some backbone and tell idiots to go away. Your child isn’t mentally scarred by learning about the way human reproduction occurs nor are they ruined for life by knowing the anatomical term for a vagina.


  1. Sercee says

    The entire thing makes me furious, but the part that seems to tweak me most is:

    “(I also assume he used the word “Penis”). ”

    Because vagina is a dirty word, just like the dirty whores who are sinful enough to be born with one. Penises are sacred so why would anyone complain about that.


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