You are Ruining Our Idea Of Marriage

Everytime I hear about arguments against Gay Marriage, I ask the people who make them “Why does it Matter”? The GLBT aren’t going to somehow denigrate our straight marriage.

And then I saw this and realised why they fear it. Are you ready? It’s NSFW. It’s NSF for those who are of a nervous disposition.

If your heart didn’t grow a size then you need to seek urgent medical attention. Step into my TARDIS…

If you can be this dedicated for 42 years and still see the person you met in the same way as the day you met her. If you can hold your hand up and say that despite everything the only thing that’s changed is that your love for each other has grown stronger over the years. If you can love each other even when everyone else says you are abominations. If you can love each other even when the entire world seeks to tear you apart.

Then I am sorry, then the reason we cannot let you get married is because you mak1e the rest of us look bad.

And that’s why they fear Gay Marriage. It’s not that the world will end or that it’s a slippery slope where you can now get into a polyamorous wedding with a redwood tree and a dolphin. It’s not that a god will rain hellfire on us like a bored Simcity Player.

It’s that we are afraid that they will show us up and we are jealous.

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