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Sex: n: either the male or female division of a species, especially as differentiated with reference to the reproduce functions.”

That’s the definition of sex, the cookie cutter dictionary definition. Yes it has to deal with the sperm fertilizing the egg and then the creation of life, yet I feel like it should mean more than that.  Sex is the ultimate form of bonding, physically as well as intellectually. However, sex, in my perception, is more of an expression. Often times, because very little in this life is absolute, sex alone cannot manifest into love. Sex can only come from love one person has for another.

That being established, sex is also a part of human nature, and all nature in general. Sex is a beautiful, wonderful thing, but we must know how to appreciate it.  I do not believe it should be crushed, or even glamorized. Sex is being. Yes, it’s scientifically, it was used to reproduce, but I believe it is much more than that. It is the bonding of two people, regardless of gender or race, so that they can become one. It is more about giving than receiving, fearlessly. Sex is something that should be taken very seriously. Although it is the pleasure and instant gratification that we get physically,the emotional connection between two people is what’s makes it worthwhile. An idealistic philosophy for an idealistic world. My experience is lacking in this concept, and it is always subjected to change, which is also fine too. I am completely aware that human flesh gets the better of us, and that person we had sex with maybe wasn’t the one for us after all. It is all a part of living and learning. So as I stated before that sex is not something that should be glamorized or more importantly crushed,

I believe it should be talked about with ease and comfort.  I also believe that we should discuss sex, scientifically as well as morally to our youngsters. It is very easy to think “oh well, if I tell my child about sex, they’ll want to have it” or even worse “oh, well the school system will explain sex for me”. Parents, adults, anyone who has been on this planet to learn a thing or two, do not rely on these attitudes to go about the topic of sex and the great responsibility of it. The “talk” is important because they should be aware of what everything is, how it works, and what happens if it’s not taken care of. It’s imperative to also teach them the morale behind this wonderful gift we can give to another human, and to let them know the gravity of their consequences good and bad. If our adolescents do know learn from a trusted parent or adult, they are most likely going to find out through other means that are usually not so accurate. Sex is a part of human curiosity, along other various topics of science, it demands to be explored as well as discussed.


  1. Thorne says

    I take it that you aren’t sexually active yet? Nothing wrong with that! Make sure you understand what’s involved in sex, both physically and emotionally before you take the plunge.

    I’m a long way from the experimental stage myself, so I don’t know what kind of advice I could give. Most of what you’ve said is pretty good, so it’s obvious you’ve not attended public school in Mississippi, anyway.

    But remember, sex itself is just a physical activity, either alone or with someone. Granted, with someone is infinitely more interesting, for sure. And it’s far better if you love that someone, and (s)he loves you back. Many people need that emotional attachment to really enjoy sex. Some do not. There’s no right or wrong about it, only what’s right and wrong for you.

    As for the morality of it, that is also up to you. I would say that the only universal morality is consent. All parties to the sex must consent. Which means, of course, that all parties must be over the age of consent, which varies from place to place. Never try to pressure someone into having a sexual relationship. More importantly, never let someone try to pressure YOU into having one. When you think you’re ready, step back and think about it again. If you’re sure, at least make sure you practice safe sex.

    And yes, if at all possible, talk about it. Find someone, a parent, a friend, someone you can trust, and talk about it. Talk about your feelings. Talk about your fears. Most adults are uncomfortable talking to teenagers about sex, especially their own kids. But if you can engage your parents in the conversation you can both learn a lot about each other.

  2. Piano Black says

    Hello again Thorne!
    I would like to say I am very happy that you contribute a lot when it comes to commenting on my blog posts, much appreciated.
    I don’t like to consider myself sexually active, but I’ve had situations. Enough situations to form some sort of opinions on them.
    I also agree with the attachment and how it varies from person to person.
    I do believe in consent from both parties, and the rest is left up to the person, again I only speak for myself when I am discussing this topic and what I believe should be done, doesn’t mean it is correct. However I do agree with the meaning of sex and all of those things differing from person to person.
    I’ve had sex only once and it was under weird circumstances, and I didn’t enjoy it, and it is something that should not be taken lightly.
    On talking about it? I talk with my friends about sex a lot(duh we’re teenagers) but we also think “man, I wish I would’ve known that when I was younger” or “I wish my parents would’ve have just talked to me about sex”. I think everything should be talked about when it comes to sex, as you were saying. And maybe the kids does have to initate it, just ot let the parents know they’re comfortable/ready to talk about it. Happy reading!

  3. Thorne says

    I’ve had sex only once and it was under weird circumstances, and I didn’t enjoy it, and it is something that should not be taken lightly.

    It’s not unusual, I believe, for people to feel something lacking in their first sexual experience. This is especially true if your partner was also inexperienced, or inconsiderate. I’m sure having it happen under “weird circumstances” didn’t help any. Next time (and there probably will be a next time) make sure that you’re ready for it. More importantly, try to make sure that your partner is as willing to satisfy your needs as his or her own.

    As for talking with your parents, not all adults will be as comfortable or willing to talk as you may be. Just as many teenagers have a hard time dealing with the fact that their parents are still sexually active, many parents just cannot bring themselves to accepting that their kids are old enough. We only had boys, and my wife had a tough time handling it when we learned that they were active. But I can imagine that, if we’d had a daughter, I would have been the one with difficulties.

    So if your parents aren’t able to accept things, don’t blame them. Just try to find someone else to talk to. An older sibling, a cousin, maybe a teacher. Someone you can trust.

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