Not sure what to think but

The report showed that security officials and intelligence agencies believe that a priority for Britain is improving its ability to detect biological attacks, treat victims and decontaminate attack sites.

“Biological will get easier from a terrorist point of view,” Mr Farr said.

The Telegraph have an article on the fear of potential bio-terrorism threats in the UK and I am torn between worrying about it as a positive threat or the doctor in me going “You know, the vast majority of major killers are hard to get hold of and culture and honestly are either easily vaccinated for or treated and that modern quarantine procedures reduce the ability to spread plague like diseases”.

We have been burned in the past but I would rather this not be a case of someone crying wolf and this be a response to a genuine threat.


  1. Arkady says

    Well, they could start by employing people who know what on earth they’re talking about. A colleague had a visit from the police because she was working on a single protein from a Schedule 5 pathogen (the bioterror watchlist, it’s also a Cat4 haemorrhagic fever virus), and she had to explain to the two officers what the difference was between bacteria and viruses.

    Of course, they could also stop messing around with the Health Protection Agency, or Public Health England as it’s soon to be known after the restructuring has finished…

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