Age of Kali – Salma

A 13-year old girl hides behind a locked door in her own home. A prisoner, whose only crime is to be born a woman.

She is from Southern India and is locked away by her family in her own home, in an Islamic community where tradition sees girls being banned from attending school and leaving the house as soon as they reach puberty.

She is Salma.

And for the next 25 years words were her freedom. She secretly wrote poems which she smuggled out and had them published.

“They are now, because Salma has come out and had the courage to talk about her culture, her background – to break all the taboos, and incur tremendous wrath on her head.

She writes under the name Salma. Her poetry set her free. It gave her power and made her make progress from her prison to the wide world.

After a huge success at its premiere at London’s Human Rights Watch Film Festival, Salma’s story will be shown at the Sheffield Film Festival in June and other screenings will be arranged across the UK. Being a Channel 4 commission, it will also be broadcast next year.

Still think India treats it’s women well? MRAs?

I want to watch this when it comes out. Can’t wait to hear her story and I wish I could meet such an amazing human.


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    Oh-oh I want to see this too! I saw an article about it on the BBC earlier today and thought it looked amazing. Such an inspiring story and an incredible woman. Definitely keeping my eye out for this on the tv hopefully soon.

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    “kali, sikaran, kalisikaran, fma, arnis, escrima, ”
    which we can come to terms with whomever we have a quarrel.

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