How to Break your Heart



There is nothing happy in this post. There is however something you can do to make others happy. Just writing this broke my heart and genuinely made me tear up. I couldn’t continue writing what I had written without crying. The following post is just that sad. You can’t make this kind of sadness go away. But remember no matter how sad you feel from reading about it, you can do something to help those who feel worse than this.

There is power in photographs and pictures.

They help tell a story and not all stories are happy.

This is a young Iraqi boy in an orphanage. His mother and father both died. I don’t know how they died and I don’t know who is responsible. The fact is they are dead.

So he drew a picture of her to sleep in her arms.

It’s a terrible day for rain.


  1. leni says

    I don’t even know what so say :/

    Usually that means saying nothing, but somehow that seemed even worse.

  2. Piano Black says

    I am at a loss for words..
    It is sad to me, I can’t even imagine what that feels like..

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